Hairstyling Products For Men How to Use Them

Everyday Hairstyling Products and How to Use ThemEveryday hairstyling products for men. Styling your hair can sometimes be as easy as combing it and then you’re done, but other times you might want to give your hair bit of extra oomph to look professional, suave and debonair. For many men using hairstyling products are becoming more of an everyday thing, but actually knowing how to use the properly isn’t as common. To help with that below are 3 everyday hairstyling products and how to use them to make sure you look your best no matter what product you use.

Everyday hairstyling products for men

Hair Gel

For many men, hair gel is one of the best ways to keep you hair styled and in place throughout the day and can be used on every type of hair from textured to straight and everything in between. With the use of hair gel you can take flat, listless hair and mould it, texturize it, freeze it in place and more. The best way to use hair gel is to apply a small penny-sized amount into your hair with both hands, allowing the gel to be worked into the hair and used to create the hair style you desire. It is best not to use to much as it can give the appearance of greasy locks very quickly. Steer clear of gels that have alcohol within them because they will dry out and damage your hair over time.


Beyond hair gel, mousse is an excellent hairstyling product that allows men to add volume and texture to their hair without creating a heavy, frozen look. When used on wet hair, mousse adds a sleek look to your hair style, locking in the wet appearance long after the hair has dried. Alternately, when mousse is used on dry hair it helps to lock in a hair style while giving the hair a natural appearance that doesn’t seem like it is covered in a layer of hair product. The best way to use mousse is to apply it to the hair creating the desired style and then use a hair dryer to lock the style into place and reduce the possibility of the mousse from staining or messing up your clothing.


Oftentimes hairspray is associated with women, but it can be a great hairstyling product for men as well. Hairspray provides a way for men to lock in a hair style without using products that change the feel and look of the hair they are used on. A light layering of hairspray can hold down fly away hairs allowing a sleek, professional look or hold in a curly mane of hair that has been styled in a more volumizing way. The best way to use hairspray is to hold the bottle at least 10 inches away from the hair to allow the hairspray to spread out evenly as it is applied to the hair; focusing the product to close to the hair can cause a wet, hard crusting on the surface which detracts from the natural styling usually associated with hairspray.

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