Body Hair Grooming for Men Do’s and Don’ts

Body Hair Grooming for MenDos and don’ts of body hair grooming for men. Body hair grooming is a task that every guy has to contemplate and the point of what is necessary and what is too much can sometimes be a little blurry. To make things a little more clear when it comes to manscaping, take a look at these 6 dos and don’ts of body hair for men that your should follow.

Dos and don’ts of body hair grooming for men

DO… Trim Your Chest Hair

There is a bit of a difference of opinion on what a woman really wants when it comes to chest hair on a man, but one thing that most women agree on is that they don’t want a hairy, rug on their man’s chest. Trim your chest hair to a manageable level and make up your own mind if you want to go a little further and completely remove it or leave a light “manly” sprinkling of hair here and there.

DON’T… Go Bare on Your Pits or Your Crotch

Just like when chest hair, no woman wants a big, fuzzy ball of hair where they spend a great deal of their time… but, they don’t want a bare area either. Going bare is just a little too far in the other direction, bringing to mind a tween boy who hasn’t gone through puberty yet, so steer clear of this body hair don’t and go sparingly when trimming your armpit hair and crotch hair.

DO… Shave Your Shoulders, Back and Butt of ALL Hair

A nicely trimmed chest of hair is a testament to a guy’s “manliness”, but a back, shoulders and butt full of hair… not so much. Shave that sucker down until it’s as smooth as a baby’s bottom and watch how much your appearance improves with the ladies overnight.

DON’T… Get Artistic with the Hair Trimmer

Choose either to shave or trim you body hair, but don’t let your inner wildchild out and get artistic with the hair trimmer. Crazy patterns… or any patterns at all in your body hair is liable to get you laughed at and garner some strange looks from the boys at the gym. This is especially important when it comes to your public hair… kitschy arrows pointing to the ultimate destination is just a distraction that will more than likely send women shaking their head and walking away then heading to the aforementioned destination.

DO… At Least Trim Your Crotch Hair

There is really only one truly important reason to follow this body hair grooming rule… if you want a woman to go downtown, don’t make it so difficult for her to get there that she gives up half way along her trip. Simple enough, right?

DON’T… Ignore Your Nose Hair

Nose hair is never a laughing matter… well, it isn’t for those who have to deal with it anyways. Having a bushy, hair filled nose that has strands of hair peaking out isn’t an attractive image, especially if you have dark hair that is very visible from a ways away. It takes just a few seconds to get that nose hair trimmer up in the to cut away all of the short strands that have grown enough to start peaking down and out, so take the time and do yourself and the woman in your life a favor.

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