Men’s Guide to Take Care of Your Feet

Why You Should Take Care of Your Feet On A Regular Basis

Let’s face it not too many guys really pay much attention to their feet until there is a burning itch, a throbbing blister or a toenail falls off. Since you use your feet for just about everything you do to get around we have a few tips to take care of your feet and keep them healthy and looking decent.

The best way to take care of your feet

Keep the toenails clipped

Over trimming or clumsy trimming is the number one cause of ingrown toenails and hangnails. Over trimming your nails too short can expose tissues under the edge of the nail which can cause pain and lead to infection. It is recommended to trim toenails to follow the natural curve of nail or in a straight line form, avoid too rounded of a shape. Buy a pair of nail trimmers  that have a curved blade that will follow with the natural contour of your nail these are readily available at most drugstores or anywhere you can find nail grooming products.

Scrub and lotion your feet on a regular basis

Use a pumice stone or other specialized scrub cream designed for your feet. Add this to your regular shower routine at least 3 times a week and use a moisturizer afterward, especially on the area of your heel. After washing remember to dry them off very thoroughly. Pay careful attention to between the toes, where the fungus can easily form when wet. Always wear a fresh pair of socks and never wear wet shoes.

Don’t ignore a little itch or pain

Irritation caused by athletes foot is one of the main reasons men visit a podiatrist. The fungus thrives in damp and dark areas which make the feet a very good breeding ground for fungal infections like athlete”s foot. Good hygiene will be the best way to prevent fungal infections and keep your feet clean and healthy. Use a medicated spray or powder if you notice that you have developed the symptoms of athlete’s feet and continue to use until symptoms clear, and then continue for about a week after. If the itching and burning last for longer than a month, it’s time to go to see your doctor.

Learning to take care of your feet is not that difficult. Just a few easy steps to work in your everyday grooming routine with go along way to healthy problem-free feet.

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