Hair Loss - Hair Today. Gone Tomorrow.

Hair Loss - Hair Today. Gone TomorrowAll men worry when they see a few extra hairs in the sink or in the shower. The concern is that it’s the first steps of hair loss and a lifetime of looking older than our ages. Before you panic, make sure you know the source of the loss.

What's causing your hair loss and what can you do about it?

Some medications and even improper diet can cause mild to moderate hair loss and poor thickness and texture of existing hair. However, if you are one of the millions of men who have genetic it’s important to know what you can do. Nearly all treatments and medications are aimed at halting the loss from proceeding any further a few have been shown to re-grow hair, but these results are not common.

Hair Loss Creams and Shampoos

Topical medications (creams, sprays, etc.) are designed to strengthen the hair follicle against the androgen hormones that are damaging it. This method is considered a modestly-effective intervention since it can preserve both the life and quality of existing hair. It is best suited for those in the early stages. The big catch is that hair loss picks up where it left off if and when treatment is stopped.

Prescription Hair Loss Medications

Prescription oral medications work towards the same end goal, protecting the hair follicle from damaging hormones, but it does it from the inside out. Often, these results are very good, and if started early enough, hair follicles that have not died can “recover” to produce strong, thick healthy hair. Side effects include decreased sex drive and sexual function. And, like topical treatments, results vanish if treatment is stopped.

Hair Loss Procedures

Other approaches are more invasive. Corticosteroid injections, scalp reductions and hair transplants have more lasting results but are expensive, often painful and carry a higher risk of complications like infection.

What’s important to remember is that genetic baldness is unavoidable. If it’s your destiny, it will catch up with you eventually. So why not work on finding a shorter hair style, going bare scalped, and working on those aspects of your physical appearance that will give you the confidence to rock a zero-maintenance hair-free look.

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