How to Curb Bad Breath Forever

How to Curb Bad Breath ForeverBad breath is something we all deal with now and then. It can be horribly embarrassing and leave you feeling nervous and worried, constantly checking your breath to see if it smells bad and if others can smell it as well. Luckily, there are ways to ensure that you always have fresh breath; allowing you to feel confident, in control and ready to stand close to others or share a few easy kisses with someone special without the fear of your bad breath getting in the way.

Brush Your Teeth and Tongue 2 Times a Day

Germs and bacteria are one of the leading causes of bad breath, making it a necessity for people with a history of bad breath to make more of an effort to remove them before they become a smelly problem. Brush your teeth thoroughly for 2-3 minutes, being sure to get the far back teeth and gums before giving your tongue several swipes with your brush. The tongue carries a great deal of the total amount of germs and bacteria in the mouth, so ensure it is carefully cleaned as far back as you can go without gagging yourself.

Floss Teeth 1-2 Times a Day

Besides germs and bacteria, food particles can cause bad breath as the leftover pieces of foods give off smells as they decompose or as the original smell from the food grows in intensify. By flossing at least once a day you will be able to properly remove all food stuck in between your teeth that contribute to your bad breath and promote better teeth health that can help to lower the risk of dental issues that can cause bad breath.

Don’t Forget the Mouth Wash

Though brushing and flossing do a great deal to help lower the likelihood of bad breath, germs, bacteria and food particles, mouth wash provides a back up to help eliminate anything that hasn’t been cleaned away in the other processes. It also helps fight off halitosis which is the clinical name of bad breath as the peroxide in many mouth washes help to kill odorous germs and bacteria lingering in the mouth in hidden crevices and far back places.

Keep Hydrated

A dehydrated body can cause a dry mouth which is a breeding ground for the germs and bacteria that cause bad breath. Drinking the recommended eight 8oz glasses of water each day or more will help eliminate dry mouth and decrease the chances of less the fresh breath.

Use Food Tricks to Reduce Bad Breath

Many would be surprised to find that some foods can help in your effort to stop bad breath rather than increase it. The “good” bacteria found in yogurt has the ability to balance the bacteria in the body, including the mouth; celery helps to remove bacteria in the mouth; parsley’s antibacterial and antifungal properties can help to reduce bad breath.

See Your Dentist Regularly

By having your teeth cared for regularly you can reduce the risk of bad breath in a variety of ways; from getting a deep cleaning that helps remove plaque to fixing dental issues like gingivitis, a dentist can ensure your teeth are healthy and thereby ensure that your breath is as fresh as it can be.

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