Is Your All in One Product Really Doing the Job?

Is Your All in One Product Really Doing the JobWith all the space your partner takes up in the shower with their “products” we can completely understand your motivation to simplify the shelf with one all in one product that does everything. After all, what guy doesn’t relish the idea of just lathering up everything all at once, doing one heavy-duty rinse, and then walking out the door ready to face the day? We totally get that.

Tips on how to tell if your All in One Product is getting the job done

Well let's face it, there’s a reason that bath, hair care and shave products have long been one-trick ponies. Some things are important enough to focus on the best-possible results for that one task. Your hair and skin are two of these things.

Your Hair Type and Finding the Right Shampoo

Let’s start at the top. Men have varying types of hair – curly, course, short, long, wavy, fine, thinning, dry, oily, frizzy, ethnic, graying, and so on. Most all in ones include a basic shampoo that knocks off dirt, but does little to meet any other needs your hair may have. In the long run, you could be making your hair less attractive or more difficult to manage by using an all in one.

What about your skin type and the right soap?

A similar idea applies to skin – especially when you start incorporating a shaving claim into that all-in-one product. Quite simply, the skin on your elbows is not the same as the skin on your face... so why would you treat them that way? The smoothing agents in all in one products typically work best for men with straight, medium-thickness facial hair that only needs shaving once a day, or every other day.

Curly hair, thick beards and rapid growth, or, men with sensitive skin need products tailor-made to address individual challenges. Unless you want to battle ingrown hairs or uneven closeness, stick to the shave-only products. The other side effect shave-gel-components can have when included in an all in one product is that of too much moisture or heaviness for other parts of the body not being shaved. This can lead to breakouts on shoulders, necks and backs... hardly worth the “convenience” if you ask us.

Use your all in one occasionally

But, that doesn’t mean you have to throw out the idea altogether. Our recommendation: use your all in one product occasionally rather than every day. This is the ideal product to keep in your gym locker or gym bag or to take on a short vacation to save on luggage space. Heck, you can even use it on a workday or weekend – just try to stick mainly to your specific products for the majority of those days.

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