Cologne - The Scent of a Man

Cologne - The Scent of a ManBelieve it or not, your wife or girlfriend loves your natural smell. This doesn’t mean you can stop showering regularly, or that she can’t get enough of your sweaty socks. It means that when you’re reasonably clean, and you’ve worked up just enough sweat to produce your signature pheromones, she’s inclined to want to keep you very, very close.

Guide to Choosing the Right Cologne for your style

That said, the right cologne can take your natural scent to whole new levels. While there’s no scientific proof that any particular scent can get most women’s motors going, there’s plenty of empirical evidence that the right cologne can be powerfully alluring. Many a woman remembers the scent of her high school boyfriend’s cologne as clearly as if he was standing right there. And many a woman has happily donned a boyfriend’s scarf or shirt to keep his scent close.

So, when it comes to cologne, how do you choose a winner?

There’s no hard and fast rule that works for all, or even most, women. The scents that trigger fond memories or pleasant sensations in a woman are as individual as she is. However, there are some things you can keep in mind when shopping for cologne.

Choose something age appropriate.

Colognes that are too juvenile or too “sporty” tend to turn women of appropriate dating ages off. Avoid scents that are sweet, fruity-smelling, overly “peppy,” or have bottles that are very are clearly marketed for a younger demographic (bright colors, “fun” shapes, or dynamic names). Also, avoid scents that are meant to appeal to older men. Your lady might have great memories her father’s cologne, but she doesn’t want you to smell like him.

Choose something that’s clearly masculine.

While she may love how your scent lingers around her when you leave, she doesn’t really want to be able to mistake your cologne for her perfume. Choose a cologne whose main notes have distinctively masculine undertones, such as tobacco, leather, cedar, pepper, or musk. Citrus notes can give a fresh vibrancy to cologne, but they shouldn’t dominate. Similarly, notes of vanilla, chocolate or coffee can be very alluring to women, but in excess they can make cologne too sweet.

Choose something that suits your personality

Choosing a cologne based solely on what you think a woman will like is a bad idea. A woman won’t be impressed If you’re cologne doesn’t “suit” you. When she gets close, you should smell just as she imagined you would. If you’re a classic, traditional sort of guy, choose a cologne within that vein—something with a woodsy, earthy scent, a trusted name and a sensible bottle. If you’re more adventurous and modern, choose something sleeker with a fresh, original scent.

Choose something that suits your pheromones.

The essential oils in cologne mix with your unique pheromones to create a wholly new scent. Sometimes a cologne that smells amazing in the bottle can clash with your natural scent and create a funk rather than an alluring odor. Try on colognes in the store before you purchase one.

Choose more than one cologne.

It’s okay to have more than one signature scent. Choose a cologne with a fresh, clean scent for day, and one with a richer, more potent scent for evenings out.

Invest in high-end products.

Cheap colognes aren’t as carefully blended as more expensive ones, and they use inferior ingredients. They also don’t have as true a scent, and they don’t last as long. That’s not to say that you can’t find a great low-end cologne that suits you. That can certainly work for day, or for hanging out on weekends. But you should have a high-end cologne on hand, in the same way every man should have both sports and dress clothes in his closet.

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