Sensitive Skin Shaving Tips for Men

Shaving Tips for Men With Sensitive SkinAre you a man who has very sensitive skin who wishes to maintain a clean shaven look? If so, you may be having a rough time shaving daily. If you are having issues with bleeding cuts, bumps, razor burn or skin irritating, there are different ways that you can cut down on these types of problems. You do not have to have a red face anymore, here are some shaving tips designed specifically for men with sensitive skin that can help you to cut down the irritation, both literally and figuratively.

First Things First: Make Sure You Really Have Sensitive Skin

Most men think that they have sensitive skin. However, you may not actually just because you are experiencing issues like cuts that bleed, bumps, razor burn or skin irritation. You may actually just be having these problems because you are not shaving properly. If so, the issue is not the type of skin you have but rather your shaving routine. If you are sure that your shaving routine is solid, you may really have sensitive skin. Here are some signs that you may truly have sensitive facial skin:

1. Your skin is extremely dry, and sometimes itches, flakes or has reddish rashes

2. You suffer from (medically diagnosed) Eczema

3. You have severe issues with ingrown hairs on your face

After You Have Determined That You Do Have Sensitive Skin

Once you have established that you have an issue, you need to take steps to modify your shaving routine and your skincare routine. It is important to ensure that you always use fresh blades. Dull blades and disposable blades are no good for sensitive skin and can cause inflammation. If you skin is extremely sensitive, you may need to swap out your blade after two shaves. Be sure that you are gentle while you shave. Shave slowly and only apply light pressure to the blade. Shave along with the grain of your hair and do not go against the grain even if the more stubborn hairs are eluding you.

Try to stay away from any products that have alcohol in them as they can further irritate the skin. When it comes time to apply aftershave, use alcohol-free aftershave and apply it liberally. While it may appear thick like a facial mask at first, your skin will absorb it and your skin will thank you by looking fresh, moisturized, smooth and radiant. You should also apply a skin product that contains a SPF before leaving home to ensure that your skin is protected from damage from the sun or the wind – damage that can be much more severe for men with sensitive skin.

If you are still experiencing issues.

You may need to purchase a treatment or solution that is designed specifically to clear up razor irritation. However, the most effective offense is a best defense so be sure to modify your shaving routine as necessary in addition to purchasing a treatment or solution to clear up razor irritation. With a little time and effort you can be looking your best in no time, despite your sensitive skin.

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