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Hair Implants Procedures Guide for Men

Hair Implants for MenMany men experience hair loss as they get older, but there are ways to fight back against this common issue. If you’ve never heard of hair transplantation or hair implants for men before, you need to get on board with this great solution many men are turning to for help with their thinning or balding hairline. Hair transplantation involves treating hair loss or baldness via a surgical procedure where plugs, or small patches of hair are taken from the sides and the back of the head and are then implanted into different areas where the hair is thinner or balding such as the middle of the scalp and the front of the scalp.

Why Do People Get Hair Plugs?

Hair plugs are generally requested for cosmetic reasons. Men who are experiencing serious issues with hair loss, balding or thinning hair may be experiencing it for different reasons. Some men have genes that cause them to lose their hair (it runs in their family in other words) and this sometimes worsens with age. Recent estimates suggest that over 50,000 men in the U.S. get hair plugs every year. If you have lost their hair because of a scalp disease, an injury or a burn, you may also be a good candidate for hair implants.

Precautions To Consider Before Electing To Get Hair Implants

Hair implants for men involve a procedure that is fairly simple, but there are of course some risks that are associated with this type of surgery, just like any type of surgery. If you are currently taking any medications, you will need to let your physician know before you have any hair transplantation treatments. Likewise, if you have had any allergic reactions to any sort of medication or anesthetic, or if you have a disorder that limits your blood’s ability to clot, you need to make your doctor aware of that before you begin any procedures.

How Do Hair Plug Transplantation Procedures Work?

Some doctors will let you decide whether you wish to go under general anesthesia during the hair transplantation surgery or if you would rather stay awake and have a local anesthetic topically applied to numb the area. If you wish to stay awake, you may be able to take some sort of medication to calm your nerves. The hair that is transplanted usually falls out one to three weeks after the transplantation procedure, but then within a period of three months or so, new hair will grow in the site where the graft was implanted.

How Can I Find A Doctor To Consult About Hair Plugs?

Many different types of doctors perform hair transplantation procedures. Some are in hospital settings, others are in clinics and others are in offices. Each hair transplantation surgery is around two or three hours long and around 250 grafts are transplanted. A man with moderate baldness may need as many as 1,000 plugs in order to have adequate coverage on an area that is bald. This may take several surgeries which will be scheduled around 4 months apart.

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