Reduce Alcohol Damage Exercise

Cardio Can Reverse Alcohol DamageAlcohol abuse can lead to damage to our bodies including not only our liver and internal organs but also our brain. While you may recognize that now, it may not have seemed like a concern back in college. Is there anyway to reduce alcohol damage done during those youthful binges? What about the occasional night out with the boys now? Actually, there may be. A recent study has revealed yet another benefit of exercise. It turns out cardio can reverse alcohol damage with exercise.

Can Cardio Reverse Alcohol Damage Exercise

Overindulging in alcohol has long been known to damage the brain's white matter in particular. That's the part related to cognitive thinking, learning, and communication. Alcohol goes right after all the important stuff. So is the only solution to put the bottle down? If you want zero damage, yes. But if you want to greatly reduce the damage that the alcohol does, and possibly even reverse it, then aerobic exercise is the solution.

So does that mean you have to join a class at the gym if you want to have a few drinks in the evening? Not necessarily. There are plenty of great ways to get the exercise that you need. If you don't like to run, for example, you can try walking briskly or cycling. There are also plenty of exercise videos and most of them provide a good amount of aerobic exercise.

How to reduce alcohol damage with exercise

So how long do you need to exercise each day in order to reverse the damage done by alcohol? The verdict isn't in on that. The test thus far have been preliminary at best, but you can be sure there will be more research done. We love our booze, and we're more likely to look for a way to reverse the damage than to simply drink less. In the meantime, it looks like we need to stick to that new year's resolution about exercising more that has been going to the wayside all year.

Exercise is just flat out good for us

We need it for a healthy heart. We need it to keep our weight regulated. Now it turns out that we also need it to reduce alcohol damage of that night out with the guys. The key is getting the heart rate up and keeping it that way for a while. Just lifting some weights at the gym isn't going to cut it for this. The one thing that the study did show – you're going to have to work up a sweat if you want to keep drinking a moderate amount of alcohol.

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