Smoking and Aging Are You Smoking Your Way Old

smoking and agingForget about all the terrible health risks that come with smoking for a second. Smoking and Aging seem to go hand and hand. We’ve all heard by now that smoking increases your chances of heart disease, lung problems, and a host of cancers. Most smokers believe they’ll quit before they rack up enough ill effects.

How are smoking and aging related?

But the simple act of smoking a cigarette just a few times a day will show up on your face in just a few years – making you look as old as your internal organs feel. It only takes about a year for daily smoking to stain your teeth and make them appear years older.

Increases wrinkles and laugh lines

Smoke daily for just two or three years, and you can end up with “laugh lines” and “pucker wrinkles” from always holding that cigarette in your mouth and sucking on it. Need something more immediate? Just a few months is all it takes for skin to lose its rosy, youthful glow and instead take on a waxy, yellow, elderly pallor.

Yes, you should quit smoking for all the serious damage it does to your long-term health – but if you need a reason to quit today, just think of your youthful appearance and what you can do to protect it for many tomorrows to come.

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