Best Foods for Hair Loss Prevention

Super Foods for Hair Loss PreventionDid you know that just a few little tweaks in your diet could be all that it takes to reduce your risks of a receding hairline? Of course Captain Picard looked distinguished with that bald head of his, but if you've got a funny shaped head, you may want some hair to cover that dome. That's why these super foods for hair loss prevention should be a part of your daily diet.

Super foods for hair loss prevention

Salmon is one of the best foods for hair loss

The fish that tastes pretty good in a number of different ways is also a hair loss prevention super food. Omega-3's are often discussed for heart health, but they are also essential to good scalp health. Not having enough Omega-3's in your diet can lead to a dry scalp, dull hair, and eventually hair plugs.

Dark Green Vegetables.

You know those folks that like to drink kale smoothies? They're onto something when it comes to keeping their hair, whether they know it or not. From spinach to broccoli, these vegetables are all about producing something called sebum, which is like a food conditioner for your hair. It's done because these veggies have a lot of Vitamins A & C, essential for sebum production.


That's right! Oysters are rich in zinc, which is essential for great hair health. They're chock full of antioxidants as well, which helps to contribute to a reduced risk of baldness too. Grilled, in soup, or taken classically off the half shell, there are plenty of ways to enjoy the brininess of they oyster so that owning a comb remains a necessary part of life.


To get your hair growing, you've got to have some protein in your diet. When it comes to meat, you can't beat how lean and affordable turkey products are. It's more popular than ever now too, which means you can get ground turkey, turkey brats, and even turkey bacon... but turkey bacon might be taking things a step too far. The brats are pretty good though!


You know how salmon has tons of healthy Omega-3's? So are nuts. Don't go crazy and eat a whole can of mixed nuts in one day because many nuts have a relatively high fat content and you may end up needing to get your gallbladder removed, but do try to add them to your diet on a regular basis to keep that healthy head of hair flowing. Eating lots of nuts means owning a nutcracker too, and that opens up a big world of bad jokes.


Lentils might be the best super food of all because they contain protein, zinc, biotin, and iron – all stuff that your head needs to produce great hair. If you ate 4 cups of lentils per week, you'd be able to maximize the results of this super food and dramatically reduce your risks of casting a bright shine on a clear Summer's day.

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