Greek Yogurt and Regular Yogurt – Which is Better?

Greek Yogurt and Regular Yogurt – Which is BetterThanks in large part to Chobani founder Hamdi Ulukaya, Greek yogurt has taken the American yogurt culture (no pun intended) by storm and if you’ve tried it you know why. It’s thick, rich and creamy, filled with fruit ribbons and not to mention fat free. Everywhere you turn there is a new Greek yogurt commercial and the market is one of the biggest growing food trends out there. So what about the good old traditional fat free yogurt how does it stack up? When you compare the yogurt and regular yogurt is there that big of a difference?

First let’s take a look at these wonder health benefits of Greek Yogurt:

• Great source of protein averages up to 18 grams per 6 oz. cup. About double that of regular yogurt.
• Thicker texture helps satisfy hunger and is great for cooking.
• Contains less milk whey, and lactose (less than 5%) due to triple straining process for easier digestion.
• Lower in sugar, No Artificial Sweeteners.
• Less sodium, roughly 50 mg less on average.

Second let’s analyze where Regular Fat-Free Yogurt evens the score:

• More calcium on average this is almost a tie but regular fat free yogurt comes out ahead averaging 20% of your daily values.
• Lower in calories – although they can vary greatly from brand to brand Yoplait light strawberry has about 90 calories compared to Chobani’s strawberry at 140 calories.

• Regular yogurt cost less.

In the battle of the wallet regular yogurt is about half the cost of it’s Greek counterpart.

When it comes down to the battle of Greek Yogurt and Regular Yogurt the bottom line is personal preference and budget. The yogurt is very popular and for very good reason the thick and creamy texture with a tangy taste has had many first time taste testers make the switch. But don’t be fooled by some brands advertising “Greek style” yogurt which is really just packed full of corn starch thickeners to give it the Greek feel. But if you are still a lover of the classic regular yogurt there are still many health benefits to be had. Just stay away from the varieties that are packed full of artificial flavors and sweeteners to maximize the health benefits.

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