Weight Loss Foods You Didn’t Know About

Weight Loss Foods You Didn't Know About

Your trainer may have informed you about greek yogurt, apples, eggs and other favorite weight loss foods prevalent on the market. But other than these nutritional superstars there are many food underdogs you may be ignorant to which can benefit you immensely. These include versatile fruits and vegetables you eat almost everyday but had no clue holds massive potential in helping you. Although these may not be in the spotlight they are as effective as popular foods for dropping unwelcomed pounds. After knowing what they are, we bet you will instantly add them to your weight loss plan.

Uncommon Weight Loss Foods for Exceptional Results


Weight Loss Foods You Didn't Know About

A single artichoke comprises of 10.3 grams of fiber (That’s a lot of it honestly!). The quantity of fiber present in the artichoke is a lot more than what you even consume daily. In fact, it keeps your stomach loaded giving you the feeling of fullness and keeping the extra pounds away.


Weight Loss Foods You Didn't Know About

This is another favorite fibrous vegetable. If roughly put one cup of okra contains about 8.2 grams of fiber. And you just learned above what fiber does to the body. In fact, start including it to your meals if you want to enjoy the benefits. However, the simplest and delicious way to have it is by slicing the stalks in half with proper salt seasoning.


Weight Loss Foods You Didn't Know About

You may confuse the name for Kale, but it is a cross between the green leafy vegetable and brussel sprouts. In fact, it is a great addition to your list of healthy weight loss foods. Rich in Vitamin C and K it is a tender, nutty and sweet superfood for you to enjoy. However, with not many calories just toss it around as a side dish or add it to your salads for extra crunch.

Brussels Sprouts

Weight Loss Foods You Didn't Know About

This superfood apart from aiding in weight loss is famous for fighting cancer. In fact, it is abundant in Vitamin-K an essential nutrient giving you stronger bones and reducing the belly fat. It is a must-have vegetable for vegetarians. Therefore, just toss it with some wheat pasta, olive oil, Parmesan cheese and enjoy the warm delight.

Oolong Tea

You can lose up to a pound every week by sipping on this Chinese beverage every day. The tea is further rich in antioxidants that strengthen your bones and eliminate harmful free radicals from your body.

Peanut Butter

Yes, we are talking about weight loss, and even though peanut butter is high in calories, you can lose weight. Just grind some peanuts with salt and do not add any preservatives and sugar to it for best results. The monounsaturated fats help you shed weight while the fiber curbs the appetite. Also, the protein present in peanuts can boost your body’s metabolism.


Wondering how a spice can count as one of the best weight loss foods. In fact, all love this warm and earthy spice. If not in the food you can enjoy it in your beverages. It also revs up your body’s metabolism and helps you drop pounds speedily. Further, this wonder spice helps in insulin stimulation. However, if the body becomes resistant to insulin and its production, it can lead to weight gain.


However, not everything you eat has to be gloomy. Enjoy your date nights and fill the tummy up with healthy popcorn. In fact, who thought the decision of losing weight would bring such advantages. As long as you stick to natural popcorn and don’t include a lot of salt or butter it is a great and filling snack. Also, popcorn is a whole grain, it contains fiber to help your digestive tract smoothly function. Besides, it betters the gut bacteria not only speeding weight loss but improving your overall health.

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