Maintain Your Eyebrows With These Tips

Tips to Help You Maintain Your EyebrowsFor many men eyebrows are little more than a passing feature on your face that gets little attention, but for others eyebrows can be an annoying frustration that mars an otherwise well groomed and sophisticated look. That is where eyebrow grooming comes into play and we have a few little tips to help you maintain your eyebrows so that they are perfectly trimmed, shaped and tweezed to your liking.

Tips to help you maintain your eyebrows

1. Always Use Quality Grooming Equipment

It may seem like a fairly inconsequential thing compared to advice of how to maintain your eyebrows or trim overly long hairs, but have the right equipment can save you a lot of time and hassle. A quality pair of tweezers will help you to get a grip on fine eyebrows hairs, lessening the chance of pulling out more hairs that you wanted to or being unable to get that stray hair that just seems to be securely attached to your face. From a pair of sharply bladed scissors for trimming to precisely gripped tweezers, make sure that you have the right equipment to groom your eyebrows the right way from the start.

2. Follow Shaping Basics

When it comes to your eyebrows uniformity is your friend; it is fairly simple to shape your eyebrows properly, you just have to know the basics.
• The inner edge of your eyebrow should align with the outer side of your nostril.

• The highest point of your eyebrow should correspond with the outer edge of your eyeball.

• The outer edge of your eyebrow should align with the outer edge of your nostril. (Use a ruler or straight instrument to insure that a straight line can be place between the nostril edge and the eyebrow edge without any hairs past the ruler’s edge.

3. Trim Eyebrow Hairs That are Too Bushy

Many men have bushy eyebrows and that’s okay, but there is a point when bushy becomes Groucho Marx. If you have hairs that are wild and spanning in all directions with more than ¼ an inch from your skin to the longest strand of hair it is time to trim. Use your scissors to just lightly trim the eyebrow hair length, making sure to not trim anything but the hairs that stretch out much farther than the rest.

4. Don’t Forget to Tweeze Between Your Eyebrows

Nobody likes a unibrow… it just isn’t sexy, so tweeze that sucker and give your eyebrows a little definition. Follow the same rules of shaping so that you aren’t going past the natural edge of your inner eyebrow.

5. Tweeze Stray Hairs Under and Over the Brows

The last thing you want to do to give perfectly shaped, trim and tweezed eyebrows is to make sure to get the stray hairs that can crop up under and over the brow. Usually they are few and far between, but if you have darker hair they can stand out so be sure to pay attention to these stragglers

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