Hats for Every Occasion To Fit Your Face

HatsMen’s hats come in a stunningly large variety of styles, sizes and colors, giving a little added pop to any man’s wardrobe. The beauty of hats is that they can be more than just a fashion accessory; they can give a face that may be rounder a slimming effect or a face that is very long a shortened appearance. The trick with hats is to find the right hat for your face type. So we have put together a short guide to hats for men so that you can get your search for the perfect hat started.

Face Type #1 The Short Full Face:

If your face is similar to Alec Baldwin’s you have a short, full face and need a hat that can give you a little height and slim out your face. The best way to wear the hat is to tilt is backwards a bit away from the face otherwise it will give an even shorter appearance to your face.
Hat Choices: The Fedora, the Gambler or the Panama

Face Type #2 The Long Thin Face:

Here we have a look at a long, thin face in actor Ben Stiller. Oftentimes the face can took too long, especially if you have a large forehead, so a hat that can shorten the appearance of the face is key. The way to wear the hat is to the side and slightly back to offset the length of the face.
Hat Choices: The Fedora or the Homburg

Face Type #3 The Top Heavy Face:

A top heavy face like the one of Ben Affleck is thin on the bottom and wide on the top. The trick for this type of face is balancing out the portion of the face with a hat that is harrow at the top and wide on the bottom. Wear the hat slightly to the side and not too far back because if you wear it too far back it will show your wide forehead.
Hat Choices: The Fedora or the Homburg

Face Type #4 The Prominent Jaw:

For men who have a prominent jaw like Brad Pitt you want to wear a hat that offsets the larger jaw and balances out the face. The way to wear the hat is level on your head with a slight tilt to the side.
Hat Choices: The Fedora or the Panama

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