How to Make Laundry Day Much Simpler

How to Make Laundry Day Much SimplerFor a lot of men laundry day means just throwing in your clothes into the washer with some detergent and letting it do its thing, but doing so can causing a lot of damage and wear to clothes if done improperly. To help you make your laundry day an easier endeavor, here are 4 ways to make laundry simple that are easy to follow.

How to make laundry day much simpler

Wash at the Right Temp

The temperature of the water plays a big part in how effective a washing routine is. First thing you should do to look at the washing instructions on the clothing tag, this will provide you with instructions on washing if not at least the type of fabric which you can then find out which water temperature is best for it. For cotton or underwear, it is best to go with hot water as this kills the bacteria that can grow and gather on cotton and in undergarments. For stained fabrics, hot is also a good choice as it keeps the stains from setting in cold water.

Know How to Separate the Clothes

The old idea of separating colors is most of the time no longer needed, but it is important to understand what types of clothes shouldn’t go together. Whites should strictly be washed with whites, but other colors are safe to wash together as long as they are of similar fabrics. Soft fabrics such as cotton and silk shouldn’t be washed with rough fabrics such as denim, wool, etc.

Dry Only as Long as They Need and Then Hang

Wrinkles are a product of over drying and allowing clothing to lay unattended in the dryer for too long after the cycle ends. This is why it is important to only dry them as long as it takes to take the dampness away and then hang them on a hanger to keep wrinkles from forming in the fabrics. This is especially important for delicate fabrics such as linen or silk and rougher fabrics such as denim that can very quickly wrinkle and become very difficult to iron out. Oftentimes the wrinkles stay until the next washing.

Hold Up on Washing Your Jeans

Jeans and other denim materials are a little more hardy than other fabrics and can generally take more use before they need to be cleaned. It is recommended to wash jeans after every 5-6 times you wear them and to only wash them in cold water as to keep them from fading.

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