Office Attire for Commuters Style For Men

Office Attire for CommutersWhat is your commute to work like? Do spend an hour or two in the car or on the train? Do you have to walk a significant distance from a parking garage or train station to the office? Depending on your commute and your attire, you can arrive at work already feeling worn out. Or you may arrive looking a little on the shabby side. How can you get yourself and your clothes through the commute intact on a daily basis? Here are some ideas on office attire for commuters.

Office attire for commuters to stay professional and comfortable all day long

First of all, pretty much the worst thing you can do for the appearance of dress clothes is sit. After an hour or two in the seat of a car or train, everything is likely to be a little wrinkled. This means that wrinkle free or wrinkle resistant shirts and suits are the best way to go for commuters. I know cotton is really comfortable in the warmer months, but you may show up to work looking like you don't know how to use an iron.

Non-Wrinkle Fabrics

The other option to avoid wrinkling is to wear the nicest non-wrinkle clothes you have (even if it's khakis and a button down shirt that won't handle a tie), but then bring your clothes to change in the lobby restroom. If you absolutely can't walk into the office without being fully suited up, maybe there is a restaurant or coffee shop you frequent nearby that won't mind you changing in the bathroom.

Shoe Style

The other thing to watch out for is the type of shoes you wear. This is especially important if you have that long walk at the end of the commute. Don't walk into work with sore feet, and then feel it every time you have to stand all day long. There are plenty of dress shoe companies that make comfortable shoes. Again, you can get shoes that are “dressy enough” and then keep the shoes you'll wear the rest of the day at the office to change into when you get there. My personal favorite for comfort is Ecco.

These are probably the most comfortable dress shoes you'll ever own, and they are fairly indestructible (what other shoe company gives you a full year warranty?). They don't always feature the most modern styles, but they are certainly nice enough to walk into work with. So there are some ideas on how to make your commute more bearable and look good doing it. See if any work for you.

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