Spring Clean Your Closet With These Expert Tips

Spring Clean Your ClosetSpring is the best time of year to get in your closet and get it cleaned up and organized for the rest of the year. Setting out the time my seem like such a process however breaking it down into smaller steps make it easier to get it done little by little or you can go all in and tackle the whole project at one time. Here are a few easy ways to spring clean your closet.

Spring clean your closet

Rotate your clothes

Move your heavy jackets, sweaters and heavy winter clothes to the back of your closet and pull out your spring and summer fashions. By having your warm weather clothes more accessible you are more likely to remember all of the fashions you have in your closet and save time and energy by keeping them up front so you don’t have to dig around your bulky winter gear.

Purge your old styles

Go through your entire wardrobe and pull out all of the items that have holes, stains, or that you haven’t worn since your last spring cleaning and toss them out. If some of your garments are still in good wearing condition you can give them to charity to add to your tax return for this year as well.

Clean/ Refresh

While pulling out your warm weather styles take any that are dusty, wrinkled or smell due to sitting in the back of your closet and wash or take them to the dry cleaners to be cleaned. Also take inventory on your shoes and scrub your dirty sneakers or polish your work shoes. Also don’t forget to do a final cleaning on your winter clothes before they head to the back of your closet.

If spring clean your closet isn’t your thing enlist the help of your girlfriend/wife or a female friend. She will be a good source to help you determine if your clothes are still in fashion and can offer advice on the fit and the condition of your clothes.

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