Smart Dressed Man The Ultimate Style Guide

Tips To Be A Smart Dressed ManMost men are indifferent to their appearance. They may be perfectly happy lounging around in shorts at the house one moment and heading out to the bar with little change to their appearance besides a ball cap. Sound familiar? Well if it does then you need some serious refurbishing. Ever wonder why the girls gravitate to the jerks? The answer is because they are well groomed! Women love a smart dressed man and to help you out in that department we have come up with a few tips to be a smart dressed man for you to use to improve your appearance.

Tips to be a smart dressed man

Don’t forget the shoes.

Sound like a funny place to start my tips? Well, it’s not. For a smart dressed man the shoes you wear reflect on your entire wardrobe. One of the first places a ladies eyes go is to your shoes. They want to know that you put together an entire outfit from head to toe, and they appreciate the details. Instead of tennis shoes try loafers the next time you go out.

Wear clothing that fits.

In today’s MTV culture many young guys like to wear clothing that is over sized for their bodies and drowns them out. Instead of opting for baggy jeans and an oversized t-shirt why not look for a well made and fitted button down shirt. It will make you look classy and help you stand out in the crowd.

Have at least one tailored suit in your closet.

That suit doesn’t have to be Armani by any means, but as a young man on the lookout for more professional career gigs you need to have a suit handy. Of course, a tailored suit is the best option. You need to have a suit available at a seconds notice in case you get the call back from the CEO you were hoping to impress.

Think about accessories.

When I say accessories I don’t mean gold chains, I mean average priced but elegant watches, belts, and bags. A man’s watch says a lot about him, and if he never wears a watch then that speaks even louder. Even if you don’t have a millionaire’s budget buy yourself a nice watch that you can wear out. It pulls your entire outfit together.

Same goes with belts and bags. There is nothing worse than watching a guy pull up his pants buy a high quality belt and keep you pants where they ought to be.
These basic tips are the perfect place to start building your wardrobe. If you want to look put together then you have to follow the guidelines above. You will thank me later.

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