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Belly Fat Exercises For Men at Home

Moves that Make Belly Fat Melt AwayChanging your daily diet is generally never enough to effectively burn away belly fat and lose weight. To bring about a distinctive and long lasting change its important to engage in some form of exercise activity. It will play a critical role in achieving your fitness goals.

Top tips to get rid of belly fat

Keep a regular gym schedule

Some men enjoy going to their local gym on a daily basis for the convenience of working out on professional exercise equipment and meeting with their friends. Others however have conventionally been able to find the necessary motivation to perform their workout at home or outdoors using simple home gym equipment.

Find the right workout place for you

For those trying to burn calories and rid themselves unwanted belly fat, you will need to weigh if going to the gym is right for you. Some gyms have expensive membership fees and you need to account for your commute times. However, they do offer top of the line equipment and a dedicated space specifically for working out that might be challenging for some to replicate at home.

At-home bodyweight workout to lose belly fat fast

Today many of the fitness professionals however have learned that the average man does not need to access the vast and elaborate workout equipment to burn calories, lose weight and gain muscle. The proper design and structure can give you a workout that will help you lose your gut easily from the comfort of your very own home.

Push-ups to lose belly fat

The traditional push-up is an exercise widely known for improving the individual’s cardiovascular function and overall health. Cardio forces the heart to pump at an increased rate, improving blood circulation and promoting muscle mass and strength in the chest arms and shoulders.  Conventional push-ups, require the proper technique and right tempo to calories and burn that stomach pudge.

How to Perform the push-up:

  1. When performing the push-up individuals should choose a flat surface placing both palms on the floor. Closely placed palms will tend to target the triceps muscles whilst palms placed far apart will engage the chest muscles.
  2. Using both arms the body is elevated off the floor supporting the entire bodyweight on the tips of the toes and hands.
  3. The elbows are then bent while lowering the body down towards the floor ensuring the body does not touch the floor before pushing upward to complete a single rep.

The Ab Crunch belly fat

Similarly the abdominal crunch is one of the best ways to build abdominal muscles and reduce existing stomach fat. As one of the more simpler exercised to perform the abdominal crunch offers the user with increased benefit when performing the exercise at a high intensity.

  1. To complete the basic crunch the individual begins the exercise by laying flat on the back on either the floor or an exercise mat while bending both knees.
  2. While placing both hands at the side of the head, the upper body including the neck and shoulders is elevated off the floor until the torso is at the knees contracting the abdominal muscle during the motion to prevent lower back injury,
  3. then lowering the body to complete a single rep.

Traditionally the crunch can be performed in a number of variations such as the reverse crunch in which the knees are brought to the chest almost at a ninety degree angle while laying flat on the back ensuring both feet are crossed. During the reverse crunch the abdominal muscles as in the basic crunch are contracted allowing the individual to curl the hips off the floor pointing the legs towards the ceiling. The leg are then lowered to the starting position completing one rep of the exercise.

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