The Causes of Belly Fat and how to lose it

Common Causes of Belly FatWhat is the causes of belly fat in males? Let’s face it, if somebody has a particularly fat belly, they themselves are considered to be fat. We all wish we were leaner, fitter, and more muscular yet despite this, many of us still insist on making poor dietary choices and lounging around on the sofa in front of the TV in our spare time, rather than getting some much needed and extremely healthy exercise. Yes, we’re also all too aware that dieting can suck, and prolonged cardio and exercise after a long day can also suck, but if you’re serious about losing that flabby belly, adding years to your life, and looking and felling better about yourself, then you need to be willing to make some changes and some sacrifices to help obliterate that belly fat for good.

Top causes of belly fat and how to avoid them

As far as stomach fat is concerned, prevention is often as good as a cure, meaning that if you understand exactly how the choices you make are indirectly and directly contributing to your ever expanding waistline, you may be willing to make the changes needed. So let's take a look at some of the most common causes of belly fat in males so you can better avoid them.

Poor diets

What a surprise, a poor diet rich in saturated fat, sugar, and other artificial ingredients and preservatives can cause you to store fat, especially on your belly, who would have thought? Yep, shocking as it may seem, but if you eat a lot of fat and junk food, you’ll end up getting fat. Forget the burgers, the pizzas, the hot dogs and the candy bars, and instead look for healthy, fresh, natural foods which are naturally low in saturated fat. Fresh vegetables and fruits are great for bulking out meals as they taste nice, and are filled full of healthy vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Rather than fatty meats such as pork belly or sausage, opt for leaner cuts such as turkey or chicken breast maybe.

Not getting enough exercise

How many times can you honestly say that you've settled down in front of the TV in an evening, and have absolutely loved every single program that you watched in those few hours? Hardly ever we bet. If you’re watching TV just for the sake of watching, then instead, why not get off your butt, put on your running shoes, and head out for a walk, a jog, or even to the gym for a workout. People complain that they don’t have time to work out, yet they have time to watch garbage on the TV that they don’t even like. If there is a show on that you want to watch, by all means watch it, or better yet, record it, and watch it after your workout as a reward.

Eating too many carbs

People may read labels on food and see that a food contains almost zero grams of fat, and will therefore think they can eat it and not gain weight as a result. Take full sugar cola for instance. This contains less than 1g of fat, but it’s still one of the main causes of weight gain. When we eat carbohydrates and sugar, these are then broken down into glucose, and used as energy in the body.

Too much of anything, and the body stores it for a later date. The problem is, that it stores it as body fat. Try to watch your carb intake, especially from sugary sources such as fruits. In an evening, try to cut back on your carb intake too, as otherwise, due to your lack of activity whilst you sleep, the body will be storing even more fat, as there will just be no need for the excess energy otherwise.

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