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Ways to Burn Belly Fat With foods

Can Certain Foods Really Burn Belly FatThe truth is that there are no foods that you can eat that will specifically kill or burn belly fat only. Fat-loss is directly connected to your calorie intake and your calorie output. Speeding up your metabolism in order to lose fat is the fastest and most sustainable permanent fat-loss solution.

Top Foods that can help kill or burn belly fat

The trick is to select food types that do not cause your blood sugar to spike. These are often referred to as flat belly foods and a few examples would be omgega 3’s like avocado, fatty fish and nuts. The truth is that these types of foods do not actually burn belly fat but do play a large role in belly fat from forming in the first place.

Avoid foods that slow down your metabolism

It should be noted that foods that have high concentration of protein, fats and fiber can be taxing on the digestive system and generally take longer to be processed. The extra time it takes to digest and absorb these foods can make your blood sugar increase sharply resulting in spikes. Gaining body-fat has been directly linked to spikes in blood sugar. The biggest example of foods that create the largest spikes are foods that contain refined sugar and carbohydrates. Not only do they take longer to digest and create blood sugar spikes but the enhance hormones that inturn store belly fat.

Eat more foods that speed up your metabolism

Then it only makes sense that if you can avoid foods that cause these spikes and hormonal imbalances you can help abdominal fat from forming in the first place. There are other ways that you can help to speed up your metabolism and your fat cell metabolism. Good examples of foods that can help speed up your metabolism would be green tea, vinegar and spices like cayenne or paprika.

The way these types of foods boost your metabolism is by increasing the natural hormones that burn your fat reserves. So in theory these types of food be considered to have fat burning qualities.

Keep a regular exercise routine: burn belly fat

Although there are certain foods that can stimulate your body to burn fat you will not get very far without having some sort of cardiovascular exercise routine. Particularly interval training along with weight training has been shown to be very effective in burning calories. Studies have conducted even proved that alternating high intensity exercises with short breaks had higher fat burn rates then exercising at a steady pace for the same period of time.

Increasing your lean muscle mass with strength training will further increase the number of calories you burn and help reduce body fat. There is another lifestyle factor that has proved to reduce fat levels and that is by becoming aware of your stress levels and sleeping correctly. If you are serious about burning away unwanted fat taking a few of these simple measures will go a long way.

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