Why Bald Men Are Seen More Attractive

Male bald pattern Male bald pattern has been shunned by people to such an extent that a whole new industry has developed to mask or undo baldness. Hair plugs, wigs, rogaine, hair clubs and combover techniques have been developed, all aiming at hiding baldness. Here, we are going to expose the truth that in reality, being bald is an advantage.

Why being a male with bald pattern is better

Save money:

What most men do in shower is shampoo. Bald men do not need to do this, and they can directly apply soap on their head. You will also not need to use any other hair care products, including hair gels, hair creams, etc. You will also save money on haircuts and hair styling, as you have a natural style of being bald. As no hair dryer is needed, electricity is also saved.

Save time:

You will also save time as you will not need to comb your hair, shampoo your hair, dry your hair, or go for a haircut or hair styling. A man that opts to shave it off can just hop out of the shower and dress right away.

No dandruff:

Bald men do not have hair, and thus, they do not have any dandruff. You can wear your best navy suit or black shirt, without the fear of showing snow on your shoulders.

No need to worry about losing your hair:

As you are already bald and do not have a single hair on your head, you will have no worry about losing your hair. You cannot loose anything that you already don’t have.

No hat hair:

Hat hair is a big issue for most people who like wearing a hat during summer or winter. After spending several minutes on combing your hair, a hat just messes everything up. As soon as you take off your hat, your hair becomes a complete mess. So if you go the bald route you can wear your cap with confidence.

No hair clogged drains:

Hair is the major item that clogs most drains. If you are bald that takes care of the clogging issue.

Environment friendly too: Bald men need less water in the shower. Therefore, it saves environment resources too.

We can see that being bald is cool. Many women find bald men as attractive and sexy. The latest in-fashion look is shaved head with a bearded face.

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