The 80/20 Diet Rule for Effective Weight Loss

The 80/20 Diet Rule for Effective Weight LossWhen it comes to losing weight, many of us seem to think that we need to be as strict and as disciplined as is humanly possible, and to basically torture ourselves by choking down food which even certain animals would turn their noses up at so let's look at the 80/20 diet plan below.

The myth of dieting and why the 80/20 diet might be for you

When you think of diets, and the types of food you ordinarily consume on  diets, then if you’re like most people, you’ll almost certainly picture bowls full of green salad leaves, plain boiled chicken or fish, rice cakes, steamed vegetables, and plenty of water. While those examples of food and drink are extremely healthy and beneficial indeed, it’s safe to say that when it comes down to actually eating them, you certainly won’t enjoy each meal, and certainly won’t look forward to your next meal. The mere thought of eating your next meal will fill you with dread, and you’ll attempt to choke down each mouthful as quickly as possible. If you’re an especially well disciplined individual, then you may very well be able to stick with this diet plan. You won’t enjoy it, but you’ll push through and stick with it anyways.

The truth is however, that losing weight and dieting doesn’t need to be this difficult or mentally draining, and there is an alternative method which has been yielding great results, which is growing in popularity on a day to day basis. This diet is known as the 80/20 diet.

What is the 80/20 diet, and how does it work?

In simple terms, the 80/20 diet is basically a diet plan which encourages people following the diet plan to eat a healthy and balanced diet 80 per cent of the time, and to then treat themselves and reward themselves with some of their favorite foods 20 per cent of the time, hence the name 80/20.

Experts have found that if you follow a strict, healthy eating plan, and stick to it religiously, then the 20 per cent of the time that you do indulge in your favorite foods shouldn’t actually affect your weight loss. Obviously for this period of time, you won’t lose any further weight, unless you happen to be especially fortunate or are simply not eating anything that is too unhealthy, but you certainly won’t gain any weight either, and that is one of the main points that the experts are trying to stress.

How to adhere to the 80/20 diet

A great way of following this diet is by eating healthy during the week, and then allowing yourself to indulge a little over the weekend. So a 5 day on, 2 day off sort of thing. This is especially effective because many people have weekends off, and therefore will be unlikely to cheat during the week, due to the fact that they know that in a few days they can reward themselves and not feel guilty afterwards.

Remember calories in calories out

Just remember that if you do follow the diet, this is not an excuse to overindulge on your cheat days. Give yourself a treat, but don’t act out of character. If you used to enjoy a donut and a glass of milk for example, then make sure that you stick to this on your off days, rather than eating an entire dozen donuts. If you don’t feel like cheating too badly however, then don’t. That’s the great thing about the diet, it keeps you sane, gives you something to look forward to, and best of all, it’s an extremely effective way of losing weight too.

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