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Alternate Day Fasting Plan For Weight Loss

The Alternate Day Fasting Diet eating every other day

The alternate day fasting diet is eating every other day diet schedule and its a great method for those who have tried it all and still are not making progress in the weight loss department. Now, if you’ve ever tried losing weight in your life before, and the chances are that you have. Then you know just how difficult it can be. As well as the actual art of losing weight, you’ll also probably struggle to find a diet that you actually enjoy. We live in an age where there is seemingly every single type of diet you could imagine. One diet however, which is gaining a lot of interest, and a fair deal of controversy. The alternate day fasting diet, that is also known as fasting every other day diet which more and more people are now trying all over the world.

What is the alternate day fasting diet, and how does it work?

Alternate Day Fasting Diet Plan For Weight Loss eating every other day

In very simple terms, the alternate day fasting diet is exactly as it sounds, a diet which requires a person to fast and eat very little on one day, followed by eating pretty much whatever they like on the next day, and then repeating the process all over again. So, does it actually work? Well, the answer is surprisingly, yes.

Studies have shown that fasting, although not being the healthiest form or method of weight loss, is extremely effective when it comes to losing weight quickly. The alternate day fasting diet is not exactly as you may think as you don’t completely starve yourself and eat nothing for one day, but rather simply consume a very restricted level of calories, at only around 500 calories or so. The next day you eat what you like, within reason of course, and then go back down to 500 calories the next day.

How much weight can a person realistically expect to lose, and in how long?

Alternate Day Fasting Diet Plan For Weight Loss

This will depend largely on the person actually following the diet, as no two people are exactly alike and genetics can play a key role in determining just how effective a metabolism actually is. As well as what you eat on your none fasting days, and how much you eat on your non fasting days . That will also help determine just how much weight you lose, and in what amount of time too. For example, if a person was to consume 6000 calories on their none fasting days, the amount of weight they lost wouldn’t be as high, and would take much longer.

Does Alternate Day Fasting Work?

One thing that cannot be disputed however, is that the diet does work and no matter what and how much they eat on their normal food days, they will still lose weight, perhaps just not as much and not as quickly. One expert who followed the diet for 11 weeks, consuming around 3000 – 3500 calories on their regular food days, lost an average of 3lbs per week, resulting in a total loss of 35lbs in that 11 week period. Their blood pressure and bad cholesterol levels were also both significantly reduced. Your keto diet and intermittent fasting will give you that boost of energy.

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