Anti-Aging and Astrology is there Connection?

Anti-Aging and Astrology is there Connection?Ever notice how some guys just seem gifted with eternal youth? You know, the Matthew Brodericks and George Clooneys of the world who don’t look a day over 20 until they’re almost pushing 50... What do they have that the rest of us don’t? Is it some uber-secret Anti-Aging diet? Do they sleep in a Hyperbaric Chamber? Maybe it’s just good genes.

Anti-Aging and Astrology - What's the connection?

Or, it could be that they’re born under a lucky sign – literally. Proponents of astrology (you know, the zodiac, the “sign” part of “what’s your sign?”), believe that our health, vitality and relationship to the universe is all intrinsically tied to the time of our births and the alignment of the planets at those specific moments.

The 12 Energies

The rationale is that humans are 12 fold beings with twelve energies -one for each planet which is translated to the 12 signs of the zodiac. All 12 energies serve different functions and work together to maintain the body’s health and well being. At the center of the energies are chakras, that are related to the primary glands of the human body.

Lympatic System

Of these major glands, the ones with the greatest influence on aging include the lymphatic system (vital to drainage of toxins), pituitary (instrumental in growth and cellular repair) and the heart (circulation, energy, breath). Depending on how we nurture these chakras and respect the influence of our universe on our bodies, astrologists and practitioners of Eastern medicine all claim that we can tap into a hidden power inside each of our own bodies to heal and prevent disease and fight off the effects of aging.

Ayurvedic Wellness

To give it a try, look for Vedic (or Ayurvedic) spas or wellness centers, or seek out the advice of an astrologer or personal trainer versed in astrological healing principles. There’s no proven evidence that being a Virgo makes one younger than an Aries, but if there’s certain things a Taurus can do to maximize his youth, he’d be bullheaded not to try it. The same goes for you, regardless of what sign you were born under.

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