Bad Work Habits that are Bad for Your Health

Bad Work Habits that are Bad for Your HealthSome work habits are good such as remembering to take a short break every hour to give your mind and body a rest from work and to get the blood pumping again. However, other work habits such as working from sunup to sundown are strictly for the birds. Bad work habits can do more than endanger your job – they can endanger your heath as well, so pay attention to the ones listed below and think about changing up your work habits to improve your health.

Bad Work Habit #1: Overworking Yourself

Being invested in your job is important, it ensures that you stay in good standing with your employer and gives you a purpose, but stretching yourself too thin and working upwards of 80 hours a week is a bad work habit that can lead to serious health issues like stress, sleep deprivation, malnutrition, heart attack and more. If you’re working the equivalent of two full-time jobs, it may be time to rethink how much you work before your job causes you to develop a serious health issue.

Bad Work Habit #2: Working Through Lunch

Sometimes a deadline is growing ever closer or a last minute problem needs to be fixed and a working lunch is the only option, but if you are just working through your lunch continuously your health is going to pay for it. Eating your lunch while working keeps you from taking a few moments to relax in between stressful tasks at work and keeps your body from having the time to properly ingest and digest your food, making it more likely that you will have gastric problems later on in the day. Even it is just a short 20 minute lunch to sit down and eat; it can help your health in various ways.

Bad Work Habit #3: Taking Work Home

You may not be one of those people who hates their job and forgets about it as soon as they punch out, but taking work home may be a little excessive too. When you bring work home you blur the lines between your personal life and your professional life, making it easier for you to overwork yourself and your body, so unless it is so important that it can’t keep for the night, don’t bring it home.

Bad Work Habit #4: Being too Accessible to Co-Workers and Supervisors

It is a good business practice to be there for your co-workers and supervisors, but if you are too accessible it can stretch you too thin and lead down the path of overworking yourself. Set clear parameters about how much and how often you will be available to others in the company and stick to it.

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