Procrastination - A Guide to Getting Stuff Done

Stop Procrastination - A Guide to Getting Stuff DoneProcrastination is something that we all have every now and then, but for others it’s a constant problem that leaves stacks of paperwork still yet to be done, unfinished projects around the home, a fitness goal dropped before it’s reached. For those who have a procrastination problem… you know who you are. So how do you change your habits of procrastination and starting getting stuff done?

Simple: with a lot of determination and some easy lifestyle changes.

1. Harness Restraint and Self Control

The biggest cause of procrastination is because we as humans want to be doing things that are fun and interesting. Paperwork, home construction projects and so forth aren’t high up on the list of things that are fun, so we leave our self-control by the wayside and head off for something that’s more entertaining. When you’re in the middle of a project whether it’s putting up shelving in your home or finishing that report for work and you feel like doing something else, use restraint and control your impulses by staying on task.

2. Use Breaks to Break up the Monotony

If you’re working on a task that is very time consuming and taxing for your brain, use breaks to allow your mind to refocus and get a fresh perspective. Take a coffee break, go for a short ten minute walk or splash cool water on your face to get your mind away from the task for a few minutes.

3. Do Short Tasks Alongside Lengthy Tasks

Just like with breaks, slipping short tasks in alongside longer tasks can help to break up the feeling of time dragging on with a lengthy task. Do smaller chores every so often around the house such as taking out the garbage or cleaning up your bedroom if you are doing a longer task like retiling the bathroom floor. It will help to make the longer task seem less lengthy and help you to also get those other smaller tasks done as well.

4. Remind Yourself of the Consequences of Not Finishing the Task on Time

A good way to get motivated to get things done is to remind yourself of what will happen if you procrastinate. If it’s paperwork, will you be chastised or penalized at work for not completing your task? If it’s a home project, will your wife be disappointed or angry about the delay? A healthy sense of fear can help to motivate you to get stuff done quickly and on time.

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