Protein Bars Nutrition and Energy Benefits

Benefits of Energy and Protein BarsThere are many benefits of eating an energy bar before and sometimes during an endurance event. But it all depends on what your specific objective is as there are energy and protein bars available for a wide range of different objectives.

Protein Bar Benefits and Why you should incorporate them in you snack planning

From just a meal replacement for a busy person who does not want to resort to junk food and does not have time for a prepared snack a protein or energy bar is often the best alternative. There are basically two types of bars that you can get and they are energy and protein bars.

Energy bars vs. Protein Bars

Obviously if your specific objective is muscle gain then you will want to make sure that you are getting the most amount of protein in your bar that you eat instead of your snack or meal. All protein bars are specifically labelled to include all the ingredients, calories, sugar colorants and anything else.

Watch out for extra calories and sugar

There are protein bars on the market that have over 10 grams of protein in them and could be a good alternative to a lost snack or meal. It is important to recognize that most of them will have extra calories because of the sugar added so you should be careful in reading exactly what it contains.

Energy bars don’t have a lot of protein in them because they were created specifically for an athlete that is competing in a long endurance event lasting more than 60 minutes. From energy gels, shakes and bars they usually contain 200 to 250 calories with a 3 to 1 ratio of carbohydrates to protein.

Power up before an event

Depending on what you eat before an endurance event like this it could also be eaten an hour before the event starts so that you have plenty of energy available to get you through the first 60 minutes. But it is important to note that you should top up your muscle glycogen levels again with another energy bar/gel/shake after 60 minutes.

Obviously the big advantage of carrying an energy bar or gel on you while you are competing is the convenience of it all. Light weight easy to carry in a pocket and something like energy gel obviously does not melt with heat so offers a convenient way to replace your energy reserves during an endurance event.

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