Best Pre-Lifting Snacks to Power your Workout

The Best Pre-Lifting Snacks to Really Power Charge your WorkoutWhen it comes to working out, it’s probably safe to assume that from time to time, many of you probably experience drops in energy where you simply feel too weak to run another mile or lift another weight. The reason for this could very well be that you’ve simply not fueled your body enough in the first place with the right pre-lifting snacks.

Best Pre-lifting Snacks to fuel you up

A great way of getting around this is by consuming energy laden pre-lifting snacks, designed to power charge your body and kick your metabolism into overdrive. Eating healthy, balanced, pre-lifting snacks before you hit the gym, helps to ensure that your bodies and your muscles are packed full of the essential nutrients they need in order to function at their highest capacity, thus making each and every one of your workouts as efficient and productive as they can possibly be. Forget about boring power bars or even liquid gels that are designed to give you energy, because there are several snacks you can prepare in advance, that will give your body more than enough energy to get through that particular grueling workout.

Oatmeal, peanut butter, and banana

This is especially great if you happen to lift early in the morning, as it can serve as a breakfast, or a brunch snack before you hit the gym. If you train especially heavy or intense, then this snack will give you absolutely everything you need to get through the workout, and you may very well even hit a few personal bests along the way. Simply prepare some oatmeal with either milk or water, or a mixture of both, add a generous tablespoon full of organic crunchy peanut butter, and some slices of chopped banana. The carbs in the oatmeal and the banana will provide you with a steady release of energy, while the fat and protein in the peanut butter will help fuel your muscles and provide them with essential amino acids.

Cottage cheese, tuna, and pineapple

For a bodybuilder friendly, protein rich snack, this one is absolutely ideal. Simply take a tub of cottage cheese, combine it with half a tin of tuna and some freshly chopped pineapple, mix it together, place into a suitable container, and hey presto. The tuna and cottage cheese are very high in protein, which is essential for the growth and repair of muscle tissue, while the pineapple is rich in fructose, a form of carbohydrate which can be used for energy.

Chicken salad wraps on whole wheat tortillas

The great thing about wraps, is that they can be prepared in advance, and then stored in the fridge and used as when they’re required. Use whole wheat tortillas as a healthier option to plain white flour tortillas. Load each one up with cooked chicken breast, a generous serving of salad, a light drizzle of extra virgin olive oil, wrap them up, and then eat when needed. Once they’re prepared they can be eaten on the go, so you can take them with you and eat them at the gym, or even on your way to the gym, providing you’re not driving at the time of course.

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