Metabolism Boost Program For Weight Loss

Boost That MetabolismIf you have the misfortune of having a slow metabolism chances are you have worked on getting it going your whole life. You may have tried practically everything on the market that screamed, “Boost your metabolism and lose weight”. Quick fixes come and go over the years but the thing is they only work for a short space of time and then chances are you slack off and then end up right back where you started or maybe even gain a few extra pounds.

Boost that metabolism of yours

If your brain spirals out of control wishing for that “miracle pill”, the sad truth is there is none. Maintenance & balance is what needs to be done. Enjoy life and implement a healthy lifestyle so that you don’t go crazy and ENJOY the experience, enjoy the journey, and try not to stress over it. To get you started here are a few great natural metabolism boosters.

Never skip breakfast and eat small meals every 2-3 hours – This plan works immensely in speeding up your metabolism, however it might be a pretty drastic change and may be hard for some to stick to. According to The Mayo Clinic and there are several natural ways that are key to boosting our metabolism, which is critical in burning fat and managing weight.

• Gain Muscle:

Putting on extra muscle does not need to mean bulking up like a pro bodybuilder if that is not the look you are going for. Forget “gain muscle” think TONE. A muscle, unlike fat, is an active tissue that raises the rate of the metabolism. A little weight and resistance training can help loads. Very important to implement in your weekly schedule/routine.

• H2O:

Nature’s gift! Not only is it so important to release toxins from our body and keep our digestive system in track, but its also essential in the metabolism process. The lack there of slows the rate down greatly. Want an added  boost? Drink your water ice cold. Your body needs to heat it up to room temperature and burns extra calories doing so.

• Cardio:

Cardiovascular activity no matter how vigorous it is is also a natural & essential way to boost your metabolism. Low intensity and long duration (at least 30 minutes) will help activate the enzymes in your digestive system which help convert your food into energy.

• Coffee:

The caffeine in coffee acts as a stimulant to your nervous system which signals your fat cells to burn fat. Not only does it taste great and gives you an energy jolt but it jolts your metabolism as well. However as with most things in life coffee is best enjoyed in moderation. One to two cups a day are perfectly fine in a healthy diet.

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