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Cooking for BodybuildersThere are plenty of places on the web to find proper food choices for bodybuilders. Heck, there are even a plethora of places to find recipes, nutritional information & diets to follow. But there aren't too many places that give you ideas on how to get all that work done with the busy schedules we all have.

Top Tips of Cooking for Bodybuilders

With the demands from your job and family, it can be a struggle at times to prepare the proper foods that you need to be a bodybuilder. The trick is - don't make that an excuse bodybuilders are dedicated people so don't make excuse. There has to be a solution!

Prepare in advance

Some people's solution is to cook each day for the next day. However, You would suspect that either these folks don't have families, can stay up to all hours of the night, or really like cooking. If you don't fall into any of those categories there is still hope. Cooking 5-6 meals per day is no easy task. So, here is a solution and frankly, it is quite simple.

Buy in bulk

Go to a  warehouse club like Costco or BJ's and stock up on meat, chicken, fresh veggies ( broccoli, cauliflower, asparagus, or spinach salad). Once you get home, take the next hour or so to cook pretty much everything and freeze it - all except for veggies. If you can't do it the day you get home, just make sure you do it in a couple of days, or else things will start to go bad. And in this economy, no one can afford losing money on spoiled food!

How to prepare your meal prep

  1. For example, buy 2 of those big, long packages of chicken.
  2. When you get home, take out 4 cookie/baking sheets and put aluminum foil on them with some non-stick cooking spray.
  3. Cut up your chicken into big chunks. This is for two purposes - 1) You can cut off all the fat and excess skin and, 2) the chicken cooks faster when it's not as thick.
  4. Once it's done, put one big freezer-safe container in the fridge and throw the rest of the containers ( 3-4 additional) in the freezer.
  5. Now, you'll have to give up the freshness a bit and you'll have to be OK with microwaving food, but there has to be a little give and take.

Now, you have food for at least a week - and if you're "normal" and don't need larger quantities of protein, probably even longer. All you have to do is slowly but surely take out one container at a time and you'll have never have to worry about cooking each night...until you eat it all. You can focus your worry on your training and all of the rest of your responsibilities.

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