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Cooking Plan for a Healthy Bachelors Diet

Cooking for BachelorsCooking recipes for bachelors. Just because you’re a bachelor doesn’t mean that you have to eat take-out or frozen dinners every night. You probably don’t believe it, but not every recipe or way of cooking is difficult, you just have to put a little effort into getting everything together. To help you weary bachelors starting eating food that doesn’t come in a box of some kind, we’ve put together tips to help you bachelors start cooking tasty meals in no time at all.

The Ultimate Cooking recipes for rules bachelors for Bachelors

1. Break Out the Grill

It is practically ingrained in men since the time of the caveman to grill over an open flame. So why not break out the grill and start using your manly intelligence to grill up some flame broiled meals? The grill can be used for practically anything; from cooking meat like steaks and hamburgers to grilled veggies like corn and asparagus. Using a few spices and store bought marinades can help you to make some truly tasty meals quickly and easily.

2. Invest in the Right Equipment

Think about buying kitchen appliances that can help you to cut your cooking time down such as a food processor, blender, microwave oven/toaster oven, etc. Using items like the food processor to chop up your ingredients can save you a lot of time and a lot of hard work too.

3. Make Leftovers

Taking the time to make extra can help to cut down on your cooking time later because all you’ll have to do is heat up the leftovers. If you make a big pot of stew put half in an air tight Tupperware container and store it in the freezer for another day. The same can be said for meals such as pasta, steak & potatoes, etc. If you are going to eat the food within 2-3 days you can leave it in the refrigerator, but if it will be longer pop it in the freezer. Leftovers left in the fridge for longer than about three days is probably too long and should be thrown away.

4. Make Breakfast an Anytime Meal

Breakfast for dinner in a smart and easy meal for a bachelor to cook and can be quite delicious too. Scrambled eggs, omelets with veggies, pancakes, etc. Just whip up a quick breakfast in a few minutes and you’re done.

5. Plan Out Your Meals

Once a week take a few minutes to plan your meals so that you have everything you need and so that you know exactly what you are doing. This can eliminate a lot of confusion and can help you make sure that your meals are healthy and delicious.

6. Have Quick Snacks Available

A good way to make sure that you have good food available at all times to put together some quick snacks that and be grabbed when you’re feeling hungry. Fruits, nuts, protein bars, popcorn, etc can be healthy and quick, so there is no excuse for grabbing that candy bar on the way home from work

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