Energy Drinks Dangers Associated with Your Body

Dangers Associated with Drinking Energy DrinksWith everybody constantly on the go in this day and age, it seems that you can’t walk into a store without seeing a whole variety of different so-called “energy drinks”, all marketed at people with hectic lifestyles and hectic workout schedules.

Do you know the truth about the energy drink you are drinking?

People see the word “energy” and automatically assume that the product is healthy and good for them. The truth is however, that this is most certainly not the case. These beverages which are supposed to be so healthy and so beneficial for our bodies, are actually contributing to a number of different health related medical conditions, as well as a whole number of other negative factors. We’ll be exposing the truth about some of these energy drinks, and explaining to you why they’re so bad for us. So without any further ado, here are just a few of the more common dangers associated with drinking energy drinks.

They contribute to diabetes

As you probably know, when our pancreas stops producing insulin, the chemical our body uses to convert sugar into energy, diabetes occurs. The pancreas stops producing insulin when there is simply too much sugar inside our systems, and the pancreas just cannot keep up. In theory, the pancreas is basically overheating and burning out due to being overworked. Energy drinks are literally jam-packed full of sugar, and if you consume too much of them, you stand a very good chance of contracting type 2 diabetes.

They can contribute to a heart attack

Energy drinks contain little more than sugar, fruit juice, and high amounts of caffeine. Caffeine is a stimulant which makes us more alert. It also stimulates the heart, causing it to beat faster than it normally does. Over time, as the heart is beating in an irregular fashion, it can actually go into cardiac arrest, resulting in a heart attack. Individuals with underlying heart conditions should be extremely wary about consuming energy drinks, as just a few can be enough to trigger a potentially fatal heart attack.

They can cause insomnia

If you’ve ever suffered from insomnia, you’ll know just how awful the condition can be. A lack of sleep makes us feel unwell, irritable, moody, emotional, irrational, and can even put our lives in danger due to a lack of concentration. Energy drinks contain stimulants, causing us to be temporarily alert and stimulated. This is due to the caffeine and taurine which these drinks contain. However, some people actually develop insomnia altogether, due to how their bodies react to the stimulants. People have reported insomnia, linked back to energy drinks they consumed, over 12 hours previous in the morning.

They can be addictive

The stimulants contained in energy drinks can actually be addictive, and can cause our bodies to suffer from withdrawal symptoms if you don’t consume enough. As with any substance we ingest, our bodies eventually begin to build up immunity to them, meaning that the increased alertness and energy levels that we experience from these drinks, become less and less. This means that our bodies crave more and more of these stimulants, hoping to achieve the same effects. The result of this is often excessive consumption of the energy drinks in question.

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