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Deficit Dieting Plan To Burn Body Fat

Deficit Dieting to Strip Away FatFor most of us, summer has now left us for a good five or six months which means that many of us now face the prospect of colder, wetter, windier weather and long dark nights. We tend to need to wrap up warm when venturing outdoors so loose fitting thick clothing is preferred. Loosing weight is hard so you have to embark on a diet plan that fit your lifestyle like the  deficit dieting plan.

Benefits of Using Deficit Training

For many of us this gives us an excuse to binge eat and stuff our faces as we probably won’t be revealing that much of ourselves for the next few months. If you’re already overweight or looking to get in shape however, this approach to dieting and this mindset is simply not productive in the slightest. What we should instead be doing is approaching weight loss in exactly the same way as we would if we were getting ready to jet off on a summer vacation.

Losing fat is no easy task and it requires a great deal of mental focus, determination, and self sacrifice before you really see a difference. One method of dieting which has been tried and tested with great success over the last few decades is deficit dieting, and when you know what you’re doing and how it works, deficit dieting is actually far easier than you may have ever realized.

What are the basics of deficit dieting?

The human body is an extremely complex organism that requires a great deal of attention in order to work at its full capacity. In order to function correctly in the current state that it is in, the human body requires a certain amount of calories on a daily basis.

The larger the person, the more calories it requires in order to produce enough energy to get it through the day healthily and efficiently. If the body doesn’t get the amount of calories it is used to however, it panics and falls into starvation mode. The body reverts back to millions of years ago to when we were cavemen and didn’t know where the next meal was coming from.

The body used to store as much body fat as it possibly could back then, as an emergency source of energy, sort of like stockpiling wooden logs in the summer to be burned on the fire for fuel during the winter. As the body thinks it is starving, it will tap into its body fat stores and begin burning the body fat and converting that into energy. Say you require 2500 calories per day, but only consume 2000 calories one day. On that day you would be creating a calorie deficit of around 500, meaning the body would need to burn the equivalent amount of fat required to cover 500 calories worth of energy.

How to create a calorie deficit

First up you will need to know your daily calorie requirements before you go any further. You can work this out by speaking to a medical or fitness expert, or by using special tools and software available online. Next, for a loss of around 1lb of fat per week, aim to create a daily deficit of around 500 calories per day.

Finally you should ensure that your calories are coming from fresh and healthy foods and if you wish to increase the deficit further, aim to get plenty of physical exercise on a weekly basis. A healthy weight loss is recommended at around 2lbs per week so try not to go above that, no matter how tempting it might be, as it can lead to all sorts of health complications further down the road.

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