Success Winning the Game… of Life

Success Winning the Game... of LifeSuccess winning the game of life. Everyone plays by a different set of rules… but, generally, we all want the same things out of life. We want to know we could provide for ourselves and our loved ones. We want roofs over our heads. We want to be happy and have success. We want to know there were others in our lives that cared about us the way we cared about them. Just like anything we do where success matters, it’s good to take a look at the score from time to time.

Success winning the game of life

Start asking yourself the big questions

Are you living up to your goals? Are the choices you’re making now leading you towards what you want in five years? In ten?When taking stock of your past, present and future, the best scorekeepers are often our friends and family. The people closest to us reflect a great deal about the way in which we live our lives. If you find yourself surrounded by people you feel are depressing, worthless or needy, this can be a good hint that it’s time to look for these undesirable characteristics in yourself. It’s all too true that we attract what we send out in the world. If you’re sending messages of negativity, don’t be surprised to find negativity working its way into your life.

Own up to where you are right now

Similarly, it’s important to take ownership of your life as it currently exists. Yes, people and circumstances sometimes workout to the opposite of what we expect, but we all have to recognize our own role in how those situations come to be. For instance, co-workers that always take advantage of your good nature do so partly because you allow them to do so. If you say yes to their requests when what you mean is no, you’re teaching them that it’s okay to treat you that way. Live with intention, matching your actions and words with your goals in life.

Refocus and achieve your dreams

Review your life in this manner and make adjustments just as rigorously as a team making changes at half time. Sure, you’ll change your game plan a couple times… and that’s normal. Yes, you’ll see sides of yourself you didn’t know existed… but that’s part of what winning the game is all about.

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