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Sex and Success Can More Make You Successful?

Secrets of Successful Couples Sex and Success - Can More Sex Make You More Successful

Some guys have it all, a successful career, a beautiful wife and family, and money so does sex and success go hand in a hand. How do they do it? Are they just blessed beyond compare or did they live a truly peaceful and loving existence in the past life?

What is the correlation of  Sex and Success?

According to a study conducted by the Labor & Independent Economic Research group in Germany, a man’s success might be directly related to his sex life. Imagine that.

Over the years, hundreds of sex and success studies have been conducted that relate sexual activity to happiness, longevity, and mental well-being. However, this study was the first of its kind and the results were pretty spectacular. The study took information and data from around 7,500 Greek individuals aged 26 to 50 years old regarding their sex life and their economic standings. An important factor to note is that both gay and straight men and women were included in the study as well. What were the results?

More Sex, more money?

According to researchers, individuals who had sex four or more times a week earned a solid 5 percent more in terms of salary and pay than individuals who did not. For those poor souls that were having no sex, they earned about 3.2 percent less than other workers who had sex regularly. Apparently sex can have a dramatic impact on your success and your earnings potential as well. What causes that to be the case?

Negative effects of a empty sex life

Apparently both men and women are hard-wired to be loved and sexual activity is one of the primary ways adults express love to one another. The absence of sexual activity can lead to loneliness, depression, and social isolation. Individuals who have more sex are more outgoing and charismatic and are more motivated to get out and live life. They also have a drive and passion for work. When a man or woman is happy with their personal intimate life they have a tendency to be happier with their secular life which leads to networking and promotions.

Perks of having more sex: sex and success

Of course, there are additional benefits to sexual activity besides financial gains. Both men and women also lead healthier lives when they are having sex on a regular basis. They are fitter, eat healthier and make better decisions regarding nearly every aspect of their lives. In other words, success carries over to other areas of life besides monetary gain. Researchers also reported a lower chance of heart disease and diabetes for people who had sex frequently.

In the end, this theory of sex relating to success could have more to do with men and women earning more and being thought of as more desirable in the dating pool. Obviously, more money equals less stress and a more desirable partner. However, there is no real sound research to relate the two directly and for now we have to believe this study and accept its results. The more sex you have the more successful you will be, so the next time the girlfriend complains about how much sex you two are having let her know it will help you make more money in the long-term.

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