Diet and Cardio Exercise for Bodybuilding

Diet and Cardio for BodybuildingEver wonder what a bodybuilders diet and cardio routine looks like in the weeks leading up to a contest? Well, here’s a quick glimpse at one popular diet called carb cycling. This method has a low-, medium-, and high-carb day. This is what this is what the diet looks like per day and these are macro totals for protein, carbs and (healthy) fats.

Diet and cardio routine for muscle gain

6 Meals per day
– Monday

Low Carb Day (Protein-285g; Carbs-50; Fats-49g). Carbs are taken in the first meal of the day and the post-workout meal. Eat your healthy fats with meals that don’t contain carbs.

– Tuesday

High Carb Day (Protein-210g; Carbs-200; Fats-14g). Carbs are eaten at every meal of the day except the last. Again, healthy fats are eaten with meals that don’t contain carbs. On this day, it’s only the last meal.

– Wednesday

Medium Carb Day (Protein-255g; Carbs-125; Fats-28g). Carbs are eaten at 4 meals & healthy fats at the other 2 meals –  you can make it the last 2 meals of the day.

– Thursday

Low Carb Day (same as Monday) so carbs in the morning and post workout. Consume healthy fats during non carb meals.

– Friday

High Carb Day (same as Tuesday). However, you can play around with the carbs on this day because you can use this day as your Cheat Meal day. On this day, You can have pretty much whatever you want for dinner and will even have dessert if you feel like it.

– Saturday & Sunday

For these days you can make sure that you eat a good amount of protein. And, if you are out of the house, you don’t have to feel guilty about having a meal at a restaurant. That said, it shouldn’t be pasta and bread! Make it a protein-based item with limited carbs. Plus, if you eat a big meal at a restaurant, you can make sure not to eat 6 full meals like normal since that one meal could probably count for two meals calorie-wise.

Bodybuilder Diet and Cardio – Cardio Plan

Before a contest, you will be doing some cardio but not too much. Do just enough to keep your heart healthy and keep the bodyfat at bay. A good measure is about 3 sessions during the week for 25 minutes each session. This will definitely be going up as the weeks progress.

Also note that everyone is different and this method of diet and cardio schedule may need some fine tuning by the individual. You may need more carbs; some may need less. You have to try things out for yourself to see what works best for you.

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