Dropping Pounds Demystified - tips to not get tricked

Dropping Pounds DemystifiedIt just doesn’t make sense sometimes. You eat healthier than you did in high school but you’re not as trim as you were in high school. You finally got on a diet and now you’ve gained three pounds. You are finally serious about dropping pounds yet the results seem like a bad joke. What’s a guy to do? Which diet really works? Here at Men’s Fit Club we get the chance to review several diets and weight loss methods, but we measure them all against the same standards.

Finding the right information for Dropping Pounds

The first is the fundamentals

If a diet is based on a gimmick and nothing else, you can expect us to say so. Trust us, just about anyone will lose weight eating nothing but tomatoes for two straight weeks; it’s not that tomatoes have some magical weight loss properties. We’ll also throw a flag on anything that’s purely a money grab. It’s one thing to design a meal plan to help clients learn proper portion sizes and the makeup of a well-composed meal. It’s another thing all together to hold people hostage to mystery powders and special elixirs instead of instilling healthy eating habits.

Does it have benchmarks?

And that brings us to one of the most important benchmarks we measure diets against – sustainability. How realistic is it that you’ll be able to continue dropping pounds without the intervention of the diet center, consultant or pre-packaged meal? If the answer is not freaking likely then the odds are it’s not worth starting in the first place because the weight will all come back.

Implement CICO (calories in calories out)

That said, if you’re ready to really commit to lifelong weight loss and weight control, then keep a few simple tenets in mind: calories in – calories out = weight gain/loss, plain and simple; hydration is a cornerstone to any successful diet; and exercise is essential but it doesn’t have to be intense to be effective. Armed with those principles, you’ll quickly be able to discern which diets are legit and which ones are betting on you to fail.

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