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Fat Habits that Prevent you from Losing Weight

Fat Habits that Prevent you from Losing WeightIf you just so happen to be going through a point in time where you’re trying to drop a few pounds, or if you’ve been going through this point in time for several years, then obviously you don’t need us to tell you how hard it is to drop weight. As human beings, we’re creatures of habit like fat habits that is not good for our health. We like to get into routines and we like organization. We like to eat at certain times in the day, and perhaps even eat certain foods on certain days of the week.

A little organization and routine is perfectly healthy so don’t worry about that, the problem could be however, that you just so happen to have gotten into the habit of doing certain things, or eating certain foods, which are actually preventing you from losing any weight. The truth is that human beings all over the world, struggle with their weight, because they’re either too stubborn, or simply too set in their ways, to break old fat habits and get into new healthy habits which could actually help them realize their goals.

3 Fat Habits that are Keeping you from Achieving Your Goals

Eating and drinking “diet” foods and drinks

Diet Soda and Weight Gain

The trouble with people is that they’re often naive and gullible. They’ll see a product with the word “diet” printed on the packaging, and will automatically assume that it will help them lose weight and become healthier in the process. The truth is however, is that as these “diet” ready meals and drinks lack fat and sugar respectively, in order to help improve the taste and to make up for what’s missing, these products are pumped full of artificial ingredients instead. Ready meals for instance, are often packed full of salt for flavor, and other artificial flavorings and preservatives. They contain little to no nutritional value at all, and often are packed full of sugars and simple carbohydrates, which cause us to gain weight anyways. The drinks often contain an artificial sweetener known as aspartame, which is proven to be extremely carcinogenic (causes cancer). We need to avoid what supermarkets and stores are trying to convince us is good for us, and instead stick with what we know is good for us.

Eating too quickly 

Eating too fast and weight gain

When we eat our food too quickly, no matter how healthy it may be, we aren’t giving our metabolism enough time to process it and convert it to energy, as well as our stomachs enough time to begin digesting the food. The quicker we eat, the more we eat. This is because it’s proven that it takes the human body around 10 minutes to register that it now has food, and that it is now beginning to feel full. If you were to eat a small meal in two minutes, then afterwards, you’d feel hungry. If you were to wait 10 – 15 minutes however, your hunger pains would have gone, and you would now feel full. The quicker we eat, the more we are likely to eat, which means unnecessary calories, no matter how healthy the food might be.

Eating from big plates 

Large Plate and Weight Gain

This may sound silly to some of you, but it’s actually a proven scientific fact, that if we eat from big plates, we are more likely to eat more food. That’s because as the plate is so big, it will look as if we aren’t eating enough, and as a result, we’ll load up the plate with extra food, which again, leads to unnecessary calories being consumed. Try to eat from a smaller plate, as this will convince your brain and body that you have enough food, and you won’t be tempted to have any more. Not only that, but there won’t be room to fit any more on.

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