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Fermented Foods Staying Young by Eating Old

Fermented Foods Staying Young by Eating Old

Here in the United States, we have an obsession with freshness. We’ve been convinced that the sooner a food leaves the farm, the better it is. Sure, it’s a good policy, but it leaves out an incredibly healthful category of the healthiest fermented foods that can help keep you younger that are fermented foods list.

What are good Fermented Food list

Fermented foods are dishes that would seem spoiled by conventional definitions, but have been preserved through the introduction of beneficial bacteria. Good examples of these foods that have gone main stream are sourdough bread and yogurt, both of which capitalize on the biochemical processes that begin when wheat and milk begin to spoil. However, when carefully controlled, and kept from other contaminants, fermented can ‘mature’ into anti-aging super foods.

Benefits of Fermented Food

Fermentation can even render previously inedible foods more palatable and/or nutritious. Lectins, glutens and phylates in grains can be greatly reduced through fermentation (great news for those with gluten allergies). Similarly, fermentation breaks down lactose in dairy. But most impressively, fermentation can amp up the content of Vitamin K2 in certain foods such as soy, known as Natto when fermented. K2 is essential to bone, cardiovascular and dental health.

Top Food to add to your diet

More of the healthiest fermented foods that may be worth a try include:

  • anchovies – this tiny fish packs a major nutritious punch. They are high in omega 3 fatty acids, and reduce blood triglyceride levels. Which in turn slows down plaque build up and reduces blood pressure.
  • kimchi (fermented cabbage) – this Korean style dish is low in calories, with properties that boost your immune system and may reduce inflammation.
  • soy sauce – naturally brewed soy sauce has many nutritional benefits. It can reduce cholesterol and LDL cholesterol levels along with cancer fighting properties.
  • kefir – this tangy yogurt like drink contains probiotics and is great for gut health.
  • torshi (mixed vegetables) – This pickled vegetable dish originates from the Middle East. It is packed full of probiotics and is used to promote healthy digestion.
  • sauerkraut – This fermented cabbage dish is rich in vitamin K2, probiotics and can strengthen your immune system and help weight loss.
  • crème fraiche – This dairy product has lots of calcium and it’s high fat and low protein content makes it great for the keto diet.
  • kombucha – this fermented drink is loaded with powerful antioxidants and supports gut function, improved digestion, faster metabolism, higher immune response and liver function.
  • pickles – they are full of good probiotic bacteria, beta-carotene, can reduce hunger pangs and ease muscles cramps.
  • dark chocolate – powerful source of antioxidants, lowers blood pressure, can reduce heart disease and improve brain function.
  • poi – A Hawaiian root that is high in fiber, low sodium, an excellent source of vitamin b, calcium and phosphorus.

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