Best Healthy Fruits that are Good for Your Health

Best Healthy Fruits that are Good for Your HealthEveryone knows fruit is a staple in any health diet. Upping your healthy fruits intake can help you relieve digestive issues, lose weight, and improve health conditions such as high cholesterol and heart disease just to name a few. Other studies suggest certain healthy fruits can help reverse signs of aging, stimulate your memory and lower your risk of Alzheimer’s. Sounds pretty great huh? Well let’s get started with 5 fruit All-Stars and how to incorporate them into your diet.

Top 5 healthy fruits to add to your diet

1. Grapefruit

If breakfast food comes to mind you’re not too far off. Grapefruits contain high levels of vitamin C, water, lycopene, vitamin B, fiber, magnesium and water. They are also virtually cholesterol free and have several fat burning enzymes which make them very diet friendly. The best way to enjoy a grapefruit is sliced in half with a sprinkle of raw sugar to take off the bitter taste.

2. Blueberries

Talk about a powerful little berry. It doesn’t get as much hype as some of its relatives like the Goji, Maqui or Acai but has similar properties and is much more readily available. Blueberries are a great source of anti-oxidants which neutralize free radicals that attack healthy cells and can cause accelerated aging. They are also a great source of several vitamins, manganese and are involved in many studies to help fight cancer and other age related conditions. If you make a shake in the morning blueberries are a great addition to add flavor and nutrients.

3. Watermelon

Often overlooked the watermelon makes our list of healthy fruits all-stars due to its high water and natural electrolyte content. Switch out your daily Gatorade for freshly juiced watermelon. To kick up the flavor you can add other melons like cantaloupe or honey dew. Juice up a full watermelon over the weekend and freeze your juice for the week in smaller bottles. After you finish your workout quench your thirst with a refreshing healthy fruit drink your taste buds will thank you.

4. Papaya

The papaya is every man’s best friend. It’s a rich source of digestive enzymes, a natural anti- inflammatory and contains arginine which is highly beneficial for male fertility. Papaya is also packed with vitamins and beneficial nutrients like beta carotene. For a sweet treat we recommend a Brazilian favorite, Papaya Cream. Just blend 1 cup chopped papaya with 1 cup low-fat vanilla ice cream or frozen yogurt and process until papaya is fully blended in. Place in a serving glass and enjoy (serves two).

5. Pomegranate

This beautiful seedy rich history as the fruit of choice for kings, queens, and pharaohs alike. Pomegranates are a rich source of anti-oxidants and have been linked to many cancer prevention studies such as breast cancer, prostate cancer and lung cancer. It is also an excellent source of potassium which is associated with high energy and blood pressure control. Try eating pomegranate in your morning yogurt or kicking up your cocktail with pomegranate juice. If you buy a store bought pomegranate juice check the label to be sure it is free of artificial ingredients and low in added sugar.

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