Five Things that can Make Your Blood Pressure Worse

5 things that make your blood pressure worse

High blood pressure is on the rise for men today whether you are 22 or 62 and this is something that many men ignore until it is too late. The simple truth is that you wouldn’t feel comfortable driving a car that was over-heating, so why would you continue to allow your body to overwork itself when you need it most? High blood pressure can increase your risks of a stroke or heart attack by as much as 400%, so it is vital that you understand the many ways that you might be increasing your risk for high blood pressure.

Top 5 Things that are giving you high blood pressure

Too Much Salt

Too much salt

Salt is something that we all use, from adding a little flavor to your steak to ensuring that your mashed potatoes are as tasty as they can be. In small quantities, salt is good for you, but if you have too much it can increase the chances for high blood pressure in a variety of ways. Salt causes you to retain excess water, expands the volume of the blood and causes your blood pressure to be more in flux the more you eat of it. Studies have shown a direct correlation between the lifespan of participants to the amount of salt eaten… basically, the more salt you consume, the short your lifespan will be.

Too Much Alcohol

5 things that make blood pressure worse - alcohol
A drink here and there is good for relaxing and unwinding after a long stressful day, but having more than that on a regular basis can raise your blood pressure exponentially. Researchers still aren’t sure why alcohol raises blood pressure, but the fact remains that men and women who drink a steady amount of alcohol (more than about 2 drinks per day) have a higher likelihood of blood pressure and heart issues directly proportional to the amount of alcohol they drink.

Too Much Inactivity

High Blood Pressure and Inactivity
Yes, we said it… you parking yourself in front of the TV after work every night may be a great way to let go of the stresses of the day and be entertained, but it isn’t so good for your health. A steady workout routine helps to teach your body the way to easily expand blood vessels and raise/lower blood pressure regularly. Just working out several times a week for 30 minutes can lower your blood pressure level by as much as 10 points, which can be just enough to help you go from a serious health issue to a more healthy blood pressure level.

Too Much Weight Around Your Gut

belly fat
As men grow older it can become easy to start slacking on the daily workout, letting a slight paunch grow around your middle. It happens to us all, but the bigger it is and the longer it remains the higher your blood pressure might go. Adding weight to your middle puts added pressure on your heart, blood vessels and veins which can require your body to work harder to supply blood to the rest of your body… causing a raised elevation in your blood pressure that could prove fatal. Just losing 10-30 pounds can help to get you in the clear when it comes to high blood pressure, so make a little time each day to take a short walk, lift some weights, take a run, etc.

Too Much Stress

Too much stress and high blood pressure
Stress is something that we all have in our daily lives; from your stress-filled job to worries about money. It is a normal part of life and we accept it for what it is, but if you have too much of it in your life and aren’t able to deal with it properly, it can directly affect your blood pressure levels. People with high amounts of stress in their lives are 3 times more likely to have high blood pressure and heart issues, so it is imperative that you find ways to lower your stress levels. Whether you incorporate breathing techniques during times of high stress, take up relaxing hobbies that allow you to clear your mind or make time for simply hang out with some buddies every now and then, make the effort to reduce your stress levels or your chances of high blood pressure will be high.

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