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Foods Nutritionists Love To Eat And Why

Foods that Nutritionists Love and WhyYou can bet that foods nutritionists love knows their stuff when it comes to eating well and living a healthy lifestyle. They are skilled in the art of balancing healthy foods to achieve a better body and mind, creating the right ingredients to allow your body to work at peak performance throughout the day. But with a wealth of advice out there from nutritionists sometimes it can be hard to figure out what to eat most and why. To help lessen the confusion take a look at these 5 foods that nutritionists love and why.

Foods nutritionists love

Beans & Lentils – foods nutritionists love

Though they get a bad name in the everyday world, these superfoods are packed with a wealth of benefits that can help your body to shore up on the nutrients and energy it needs to function properly. Containing high levels of protein, fiber, vitamins, minerals and even antioxidants that rival the better known berries, beans and lentils provide a buffer for those who are looking to lose a little weight. Studies have shown that people who eat a diet rich in beans and lentils are 22% more likely to maintain a healthy weight.

Dark Chocolate

Though indulging in this sweet treat may seem like a less than healthy option, dark chocolate offers a great deal of stack-of-plain-chocolate benefits to you when eaten in moderation that foods nutritionists love. The treat provides health benefits such as increasing your brain activity, lowering you chances of heart problems and helps with fatigue & depression all while providing you with a sweet treat that indulges your sweet tooth without truly packing on the pounds in unhealthy ways.


Nuts get a bad rap because of their fat and calorie content, but recent studies have shown that a portion of the fat and calories from almonds aren’t digested or absorbed into the body The-Almonds-Isolatedafter eating. Better yet, almonds are packed with fiber and protein that fills you up quicker and keeps you fuller longer so that you aren’t as tempted to go grab that bag of chips late at night. Lastly, almonds contain a good kind of fat that foods nutritionists love acts as a instigator for a appetite suppressant in the GI tract.


This potent anti-inflammatory superfood is packed with the right ingredients to help reduce inflammation in the body such as the swelling of joints. Low grade inflammation can Ginger-Root cause a variety of problems over time like weakening the immune system, causing heart disease, Parkinson’s, type 2 diabetes, premature aging and more.


Much like nuts, avocados for many are considered too much fat and calories that foods nutritionists love to include in the normal diet, but theyAvocado-Isolated-Black-Avocado-Haas-Close provide countless benefits to the body that aren’t as obvious to the outside observer. The green fruit is filled the good kind of cholesterol that helps to lower the bad kind, helps with anti-aging, fights diseases in the body and provides a high dose of vital nutrients that bolster the body daily.

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