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canned protein sources

When people think about eating healthy, many of them think of fresh fruits and vegetables, or organic meats and seafood caught fresh off the Atlantic that very same morning. Yes, obviously eating fresh and natural foods is extremely healthy, but many people always seem to overlook canned goods when considering healthy food sources. Take protein for instance, protein is essential for the growth and repair of muscle, and muscle tissue within the body. It’s especially beneficial for anybody looking to bulk up and add muscle to their frame, but in actuality, it should be included in everybody’s diet, no matter what their health and fitness aspirations may be. Rather than opting for eggs and expensive cuts of meat and seafood, canned protein sources can also be extremely healthy and extremely beneficial indeed, and are often far cheaper and last longer too.

Canned protein sources to stock up your pantry

Canned Tuna

As far as tinned and canned protein sources are concerned, tuna chunks, or flakes are simply fantastic. Tuna is packed full of natural proteins, amino acids, and minerals, and it tastes fantastic as well. One thing that nutritionists and experts especially like about tinned tuna, is the fact that it boasts an incredible protein to fat ratio of 22:1 per 3 ounce serving. One thing that puts people off about tinned seafood, is that some contain higher traces of mercury, which can lead to mercury poisoning. Tuna however, contains extremely low levels. Tuna is often packed in salted brine, or sunflower or olive oil to help preserve it, so naturally, if you’re watching your weight, steer clear of the oils.


Another fish that works extremely well in a canned environment is pink salmon. If you’re looking for a far cheaper way of getting salmon than buying it fresh from your fishmonger, then canned salmon is for you. Salmon is packed full of protein, and also contains large levels of healthy Omega 3 fatty acids, which are so, so healthy and important for the human body, for a whole variety of reasons, including brain function and heart health.


People often think that meat and eggs are the only real sources of protein to be found, but this is just not true. Vegetarians and those who follow a meat-free diet, will all be pleased to hear that a number of different strains of beans are also extremely high in protein and low in fat. Kidney beans, black eyes beans, baked beans, or even butter beans are just some of the sources of beans with the highest levels of protein.


These tiny little fish pack the most protein of them all. They contain 20 grams of protein per 3oz. serving. Sardines are also an abundant source of calcium, Omega-3 fatty acids, minerals, vitamin B-12, and vitamin D. Research has shown that the nutrients they contain can be beneficial to preventing a number of health conditions like heart disease and cancer. Since they feed on plankton sardines are also very low on toxins like mercury in comparison to other canned fish. You can find them canned in olive oil, freshwater, or tomato sauce.


Now, some of you may think that canned chicken sounds disgusting but in actual fact, it’s basically just chopped cooked chicken, often the breasts, which is then packed in brine and sealed in a can. We all know how high in protein chicken is and eating it in this way is far cheaper, and convenient than if you were to purchase fresh breasts from your grocery store or butcher. It’s also naturally low in fat. If you’re not sure, simply read the ingredients label. If it contains any artificial additives or ingredients, look for a better quality brand that is completely natural.

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