Is Fruit Juice Healthy or is it Making You Fat?

Fruit Juice Making You FatMost of us were told by our mothers and the media that having a fresh glass of orange juice in the morning is part of a good healthy breakfast. Well the truth is that you and I have been misinformed all these years as all the fruit juice that you buy on the market today is nothing but fructose and water. Is your Fruit Juice Making you pack on the pounds?

Fruit juice that are making you fat

Juice Concentrate

When these big companies ‘concentrate’ and manufacture their fruit juice they remove all the fiber from the fruit which results in you getting a spike in your insulin levels in response to the sugar. Insulin is the main fat storing hormone in your body and the more insulin your pancreas produces the more fat you will hold.

Your Morning Orange Juice

More often than not, after a good breakfast which you follow with a tall glass of OJ will have you feeling hungry only a few hours later because of low blood sugar. The pancreas is very predictable and when you give the body sugar it produces insulin so that the sugar can be processed by your body and any excess is stored as fat.

The affect on your body

But the pancreas is not a perfect machine and when it feels something sweet and sugary coming down it immediately sends out insulin and because the OJ that you are drinking does not have any fiber in it for the insulin to work on it only finds that it has simple sugars like fructose to work on.

The result is that after these simple sugars have been digested by your insulin that the pancreas sent down there is now too much insulin hanging around and your blood sugar starts to drop. The drop in your blood sugar will make you hungry, irritable, moody, sleepy and even unpredictable and can cause a migraine in some people.

The Truth on “Fruit” Juice

The point is that if you want to lose fat then you need to stay away from simple sugars and the sad truth is that OJ and any other fruit juice is a simple sugar. One would think that with information now so freely available with the advent of the Internet that people would be aware of this simple truth.

It seems that our new age of information is actually the age of misinformation and we need to do something about it. The best way to do something about it is to try it yourself and see the results as you start taking in more complex carbohydrates and stay away from simple sugars which only make you fat.

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