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GOMAD Diet Program What exactly is it

 GOMAD diet Gallon of Milk a DayAs far as building muscle is concerned, if you’re serious about getting truly jacked, you’ll need to consume a good deal of calories if you wish to put any size on whatsoever so we suggest you take a look at the GOMAD diet Gallon of Milk a Day program below.

What is Bulking and GOMAD diet Bulking?

Consuming more calories than is required, when weight training, is commonly referred to as ‘Bulking’, in which a weight lifter will quite literally, bulk up in order to build and maintain decent muscle size, and prevent the body from falling into a catabolic state, and eating away at existing muscle tissue in order to supply it with energy.

An individual will consume more calories than the body can burn off, thus helping to promote muscle gain. Commonly, people will also obviously tend to gain a little fat too, which is why so many people tend to shy away from bulking. As far as tips for bulking are concerned, it seems that almost everybody has an opinion on the matter.

Dirty Bulking

Some say that you should ‘dirty bulk’ and bulk up on greasy fatty junk foods as they’re so high in calories, whilst others recommend ‘clean bulking’, in which you eat wholesome, healthy natural foods, with extra added healthy fats to help boost calorie content. One method of bulking which has been getting a lot of attention recently, and a fair few positive results and reviews too, is one which is known as GOMAD diet Gallon of Milk a Day bulking.

What is GOMAD, how does it work, and are there any side effects to be wary of?

Basically, as the name implies, GOMAD bulking is simply a method of bulking, by drinking an entire gallon of milk per day. Now, it’s not quite as simple and straight forward as that, but that’s the basic premise. Milk is actually extremely beneficial for the body, especially people who train with weights and are looking to add size to their frames. Milk is packed full of proteins and calcium, making it great for the bones, the teeth, and indeed the muscles too.

As far as how it works, well, it’s really straight forward. By drinking a gallon of milk a day, you’re constantly easily consuming extra calories, which will help you to bulk up and increase your protein intake. You’ll also still be eating regular meals on top of this, so your calorific intake should increase pretty substantially.

Will you also gain fat?

Obviously you will gain extra body fat as well, that goes without saying, but if you train intensely enough, and follow a healthy balanced diet, the majority of your weight gain should be in the form of muscle. Experts recommend that an average sized physically active adult male, should consume around 2500 – 2800 calories on a daily basis, that’s just to maintain their weight.

The key to GOMAD diet Bulking

An average whole fat gallon of milk contains nearly 2500 calories, so that’s your maintenance covered right there. Factor in your meals too, and you’re good to go. Rather than drinking an entire gallon in one go, start off with a liter a day, and work your way up slowly. If you can’t manage an entire gallon, just go with as much as you can. Combine this with a solid training routine and diet, and you should see results pretty quickly.

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