Good Fats vs Bad Fats What's The Difference

Good Fats and Bad FatsWe will be briefly discussing the healthy and good fats that every weight trainer needs to include in his diet if you want to continue gaining muscle and produce the required testosterone to do so. The first of these are Omega III fatty acids which are known as essential fatty acids.

Men's Guide to Good Fats and Bad Fats

The reason why these oils are “essential” is because this is the only way your body can get them they are not created by any other source. Two of the essential fatty acids and  are called  linoleic acid  and alpha-linolenic acid (ALA).

Good Fat - Fish rich in Omega 3's

You will find these essential  fatty acids in Omega 3 rich foods like herring, salmon, flax seeds and anchovies. Research has shown that these omega-III fatty acids are good for heart health as well as brain function and help to get over any depression that you may suffer from.

But research also shows that these Omega3 fatty acids also aide muscle gain and it is recommended that you take in about 5g per day. The next good fat that we are going to talk about here is what are called monounsaturated fats (MUFA) and polyunsaturated fats (PUFA).

Good Fats - Unprocessed oil, nut and avocados

It is much better to eat unprocessed foods and liquid oils like olive oil, nuts or avocados which are all a very good source of getting in these unprocessed and clean form of good fat. You should always try to make sure that 10% of your daily caloric intake includes these good fat.

Eggs are a great example for saturated fats found in the yolk but you need to always be careful as it is very easy to exceed 5% of your calories when eating whole eggs.

Bad Fats, Fried Food  and prepackaged goods

Bad fats are anything that is man-made or not from a natural source that have long names that are hard to pronounce for example “partially hydrogenated vegetable oil” these fats are bad for you and should be avoided or limited in your daily diet.

Another huge offender are friend foods that you can get at your local fast food restaurant and most prepacked snack food you can find on your grocery shelves. Most of these foods will contain bad saturated fat not to mention other bad ingredients like high sodium and high sugars. These fats are found everywhere and to keep a healthy diet you should constantly on the lookout for these dangers that will affect the way that you lose fat and gain muscle.

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