Hydration Healthy Tips Why It is So important For You

Healthy HydrationThere’s no denying any longer the many benefits of water. It keeps us healthy, vital, young and refreshed because hydration is an essential component of cell renewal. But recently, water has come under attack for a variety of reasons – mostly related to the way we, as human beings, process or bottle it.

First, there’s the water itself.

Few people seem to drink tap water these days, but this is still an excellent source of drinking water that offers many benefits of hydration bottled waters do not. Your municipal water supply is treated with fluoride, which helps protect teeth by eliminating certain bacteria and strengthening enamel. In fact, as the popularity of bottled water has increased, so has the incidence of cavities in young children and adults, leading many to assume there is a strong link. As well, municipal water supplies are treated to remove chemical contaminants that can be present in spring-fed waters and mineral waters. Still can’t get on board with tap? Consider a filtration system for your hydration. Pitchers, faucet-mounts, refrigerator filters and even bottle top filters all help eliminate noticeable, but often harmless, sources of unpleasant-tasting water.

Now that we’ve got your water source straightened out

let’s talk about how you tote it. Certain plastics with bisphenol-A (BPA) have been shown to leach carcinogens (cancer-causing agents) into the water, which we in turn ingest, upping our risk of certain kinds of cancer. Most bottled waters at the supermarket are packaged in BPA plastics, so it is strongly recommended to not reuse these bottles or avoid these waters altogether.

Try using glass bottle for your drinking water

In response to this concern, along came the now incredibly popular stainless steel bottle, which is free from BPA, but has been reported to lend a somewhat metallic taste to the water (much the way some people report canned iced teas taste metallic). The solution – glass. Yes, it’s old school, but it’s still one of the healthiest options out there. Glass doesn’t leach chemicals, can be placed in the freezer or in the microwave (if you happen to like tea), cleans easily with soap and water, and, thanks to a variety of neoprene or rubberized sleeves and cases, are very drop and shatter resistant. Best of all – no weird aftertaste and, should you decide to ditch the bottle, it’s almost always 100% recyclable.

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